Good Food at Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Have heard of Arnold ‘s Country Kitchen and all of their great compliments? The place is small with just a few tables. The plates, eating appliances and order line may remind you of a school cafeteria, the good thing is you can see all the food you may want to order. They serve meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, catfish, candied yams, cornbread, turnip greens, etc. Arnold’s roast beef is cut right in front of costumers off a big hunk. The combination of flavorful cheese and juicy protein is down home comfortably. You just can’t get enough of Arnold’s roast beef because it is tender, juicy and thinly sliced with a side of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and greens. It is true that salt is likely to take a couple years off your life, but you will consider it is worth it. Anyway, what is life for if you are not enjoying a delicious meal at Country Kitchen Arnold’s. You really can’t go wrong with what they offer at the menu but it is worth trying to get their food at the lunch rush, as the line may be quite long. Never miss Arnold’s Chess pie. It is sweet tasty vanilla wafers with cinnamon on top. And don’t forget their banana pudding at the end of the meal.

arnold's country kitchen the best restaurant

Arnold’s Country Kitchen Services

The service is one of the good things of Country Kitchen Arnold’s. Though it’s busy the line moves pretty fast so that nobody have to wait for too long. The small building turns over rather quickly. Customers are used to sharing tables with strangers. The staff recognizes the regular’s costumers and chit chatted with every guest. Each portion size has pretty accurate price. Country Kitchen Arnold’s is one of Nashville’s oldest and most respected meat and three restaurants.

A trip to Nashville will not complete without a stop to Arnold’s Country Kitchen. Every week many people visit this place and everything seems to get better and better. The staffs are so friendly and make you feel welcome. However, for some people who come to Arnold’s for the first time and may feel a bit intimidated with the process – they don’t have to worry because the staff will help you through the whole process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with a meat and three restaurants.

The food at Arnold’s is excellent. Everything has excellent taste – especially the fried chicken that beats any other in Nashville. The sides dishes are great too, especially the potatoes and the greens. If you happen to have only Arnold’s Chess pie once, you will not want to miss an opportunity to have it again. Arnold’s Kitchen Country unquestionably is a drive-in and diners but the food is really good. The restaurant offer comfort food and environment. You may see miscellaneous stained posters on the wall, family members talking and regular customers coming and greeted by their first names – just feel like home. So every time you visit Nashville, don’t forget to satisfy your need of good food at Arnold’s Country Kitchen.

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