How to Washing Walls Before Painting

Washing Walls Before Painting is one of the preparation you should do to ensure you will make a beautiful paint job. Cleaning and repairing walls before the painting process begins is very vital step to take. Walls are prone to hold a thin layer of dust. If this layer of dust is not removed, the paint will not well adhere to the wall and instead it will result in a textured look. Some walls may have small holes or cracks in them that should be fixed before you begin painting them. You can use spackle or putty of a painter and for deeper cracks, you can use plaster. If you are repairing wood walls, you should use wood filler.

washing walls before painting is important

Materials Needed for Washing Walls Before Painting

Use pre-painting cleaner or other mild cleaners like water and soap. Don’t use cleaner product that will leave residues. If you find smoke stain on the walls, clean it with a solution of 50 % water and 50 % bleach. Other materials needed for Washing Walls Before Painting include buckets, a water-proof drop cloth; rags or sponges; old clothes and a ladder.

washing walls after removing wallpaper quickly

Before you begin cleaning the wall, put a water-proof drop cloth down so that the solution will not drip onto your flooring. Always start cleaning the wall from the top and work downward; use a ladder to help you. It is recommended to use two buckets when you are cleaning the walls. One bucket is used for the cleaning solution and the other bucket is used for plain water that you will use for rinsing. Dip a rag or sponge into the cleaning solution and squeeze it out to avoid dripping. Sponge the walls and then rinse them by using another sponge or rag that has been dipped into the bucket of plain water. Ensure the walls to dry before you begin painting. Be careful when you are cleaning around light fixtures and receptacles; it is better to turn the power off beforehand.

Washing Walls Before Painting; Cleaning Mold and Mildew

When you are cleaning mold or mildew off the walls, you should use a specific mold and mildew killing solution with a cleaning solution. It is recommended to use the solution all through the entire wall and not just in the area affected by mold or mildew so that the spores that travel anywhere in the room can be removed. For this reason, you should also need to clean trim, ceiling and the baseboards. To prevent mold and mildew cleaners from causing damage, you need to cover the furniture and flooring with protective sheets.  As this type of cleaners may contain harmful chemical, make sure you wear safety tools such as mask, chemically resistant gloves, goggles and protective clothing. Always make sure that the room is well ventilated. Also make sure you have turned the electrical power off before you are cleaning around light fixtures and receptacles.

Washing the wall is really important to do because dirt layers on surface may cause poor adhesion. Preparing walls for painting properly is the key to having a beautiful space and give your home a new look. Hopefully this simple-to-follow tips on how to Washing Walls Before Painting is helpful.

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