Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget

Start with Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget when you are planning to renew your kitchen with a small budget. With some creativity, you can do a manageable DIY project for a new, beautiful backsplash and don’t have to spend a lot of money. A budget backsplash you created will giving your kitchen a new focal point and draw the eye away from outdated counters or old kitchen appliances.

kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget

Some Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget for DIY Project

  • Porcelain tile is the first option of budget kitchen backsplash. Look for porcelain tile on sale in the local home improvement stores. If you are unsure on how to install porcelain tile, you can attend workshops hold by many home improvement stores or you can find instructions and tips for DIY tile installation project at online tutorial. Choose the attractive colors of two to four inch porcelain tile for your kitchen backsplash. This is because small mosaic tiles will create pretty accents or border all over the kitchen backsplash.

unique kitchen backsplash tile

  • Wallpaper is other great kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget. These days, wallpapers are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Pick for a vibrant color such as mustard yellow or burgundy in unique texture to add interest. Applying wallpaper is an easy and quick project to do. If you have never hanged wallpaper before, get the instructions and tops from an online tutorial or ask local home improvement store staff.
  • A 3D resin collage of items will give your kitchen backsplash a unique look that reflects your interest and personality. Choose items such as coins from around the world or sea shells and embed them directly in a clear resin.
  • Paneling sheets are inexpensive alternative for your kitchen backsplash and they are usually available at your local home improvement stores. You can easily cut the paneling sheets with a utility knife and put on your backsplash. These paneling sheets available in various different patterns, such as wood, tile, brick, stone, etc – so, just find one that will suit your kitchen décor. Seal the paneling sheets properly – especially if you are going to place them in an area that is subject to moisture. Sealing the paneling sheets is not only an effective way to protect it but also make the paneling last longer.
  • Vinyl laminates can make an excellent kitchen backsplash because they are resistant to most stains and moisture. Although vinyl laminates are typically use for flooring, but they can also use for kitchen backsplash as you can easily cut them to fit your space and place onto your wall using silicone or liquid nails.
  • Aluminum Flashing usually uses for roofing but you can also use it to create a modern, sleek backsplash that can resistant most stains and moisture. Aluminum flashing is available in most home improvement stores and can be easily cut with a utility knife to fit the space and then adhere it with liquid nails, silicone or small screws.

In finding the best way to give your kitchen a new look with a limited budget, have one of the Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget that suit your taste and personal style.


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