Creative Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Ideas

Looking for Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Ideas? Dr. Seuss used creative language to keep children in his many stories. Similarly school teachers usually engage their students and involve them in reading Dr. Seuss stories by decorating classroom doors in Dr. Seuss themes. As a way to help children to love reading, you can use the Dr. Seuss decorations as part of a reading contest.

dr. seuss door decorating ideas

Plenty of Simple Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Ideas

  • Seuss Book Covers Replica. You can encourage children to choose from one of their favorite Dr. Seuss book covers and make a replica from it for the classroom door decoration. Measure the book cover size and then multiply the number to cover a particular part or all part of the door. As a book cover’s background, use a same color of butcher paper. If drawing free hand is hard for you, use a projector to put the image of the book cover on the door then lightly trace it with a pencil. To complete Dr. Seuss book cover door decoration, color in the image with markers or acrylic paints.

dr seuss door decorating

  • Seuss Quotes. Choose one of your favorite Dr. Seuss quotes or sayings including the fantastic invented words used by the author and place them as part of your door decoration. Draw pictures around the quotes or sayings. You can choose pictures related to the quotes or sayings from the books.
  • Seuss Hat Door. Create a huge red and white hat with poster board or butcher paper. The striped red and white hat represents the character in the ‘Cat in the Hat’. Create a big one as it should cover almost the entire door. Put each child name on the stripes like lines on a piece of paper.
  • Seuss Reading Contest. This can be the most interesting Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Ideas. Collect pictures from different Dr. Seuss books and then draw and color them. During a specific period of time, children read different Dr. Seuss books; therefore you can put the pictures as door decorations and when a child has finished reading his Dr. Seuss book, you can write their name in the center of the picture. At the end of the contest period, the child who read more Dr. Seuss books will automatically get the most Dr. Seuss decorations on the door and she/he will receive a prize.
  • Seuss Mini Books. You can also create a mini version of different Dr. Seuss books on a thick paper. Take a piece of thick paper and fold them into two flaps. On the outside part, draw pictures from Dr. Seuss book while on the inside part, write a child’s name so every child has their own ‘Dr. Seuss mini book’ decoration on the door.

Creating Dr. Seuss decoration on the classroom door will be a great way to attract the children interest on books. They will be curious of knowing who and what is all about Dr. Seuss – and to satisfy their curiosity, they will have to read Dr. Seuss book. Hopefully, these Dr. Seuss Door Decorating Ideas are helpful.

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