Refinish Your Floor with Floor Sander Rental Lowes

When it comes to proper sanding levels the floor, Floor Sander Rental Lowes will help you bring back the grain – which is one of the attractive qualities of a hardwood floor. To achieve a smooth floor finish, you will need sanding tools. Remember to provide ventilation while you do sanding and staining job. You can have an open window with a fan for this purpose.

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The first sanding tool you will use is the drum sander. However, a drum sander is not a tool that most homeowner will have yet it is available as a rental tool such as Floor Sander Rental Lowes. If this is your first time using a drum sander, you may find it large and noisy tool but very efficient. Drum sanders can quickly get rid of a lot of material.

Tips for Using Floor Sander Rental Lowes

Gauging the wood floor with the sander is one of the most common mistakes that a DIY-er floor refinishing. Gauging the wood floor in a few seconds and you will find it gets damage. Here are tips for using a drum sander or rent a floor sander:

  • Start the sander when the machine has no contact with the floor. After the sander is in its full revolutions, slowly put it to the floor surface.
  • Start with areas that will be covered by large furniture like a bed or a sofa. This way, you will conceal any beginner sanding errors. If you feel practicing before you sanding your floor, try to sand a sheet of plywood until you get the feel for the sander.
  • While the sander is running, never let it stand still – keep it moving forward or backward. Work in a slow manner and allow the machine do the job.
  • Choose the first sandpaper according to the dirt and old stain you are trying to remove and create a new level surface. The general rule is the smaller the grit number is, the coarser the sandpaper will be and also the more material it is going to get rid of. Begin with a rougher grit and alter to finer grits when the floor starts to get smoother.
  • The estimation of sanding grit varies base on the floor condition. You can start with a 20 to 60 grit and then with 120 grit. If the floor is relatively smooth, you may not need 20 grit pass.
  • Clean the sanded floor thoroughly afterwards.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Floor Sander Rental Lowes

Before you are renting a sander, decide what type of floor sander you need. Many floor sander types are available to rent. You can perform a floor refinishing project with a combination of drum sander and floor edger and using an orbital sander for a floor polisher. Orbital sander is typically use for floor finishing or touch ups. Many floor sander rentals offer great features, such as level control or tilt action so that you will have more control when lowering the sander to the floor. Make sure you have asked the ARA-affiliated rental professionals for more comprehensive and detail instructions on using Floor Sander Rental Lowes.


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