Ken’s Creative Kitchen the Best Eating Place in Annapolis

Ken’s Creative Kitchen is a must visited place for everyone who lives in Annapolis or who is visiting Annapolis. You will not get other place as great as this place for its finest cuisine. They only serve the freshest and the finest ingredients every day. Ken’s Creative Kitchen also offers perfect catering services with great presentations that focus on taste, texture and style of food.

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For the best breakfast, you can order their special French toast while for lunch; you should order their crab cake sandwich. You will not find a more delectable soft shell crab salad or sandwich. Don’t forget their chocolate chip cookies – they are very delicious. Since the restaurant has a back porch, you will really enjoy a great view and the gourmet at the same tome. For your dinner or for any special occasion, you should go for Ken’s Creative Kitchen.

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Ken’s Creative Kitchen Wedding Catering Service

Ken’s Creative Kitchen caters you wedding with their delicious, spectacular and stylish appetizers, cocktails and dinner – both for flavor and presentation. When it comes to a wedding, whether you having a chapel ceremony or a beach uproarious party, there is several thing you should know in choosing catering service for wedding:

  • The service the catering is provided. Ken’s Kitchen Creative provides buffet, family style, cocktail reception, French service, Hors d’oeuvres – Passed, Hors d’oeuvres – Displayed, plated and stations catering service. They also provide open bar service.
  • The types of cuisine the service cater. Ken’s Kitchen serve American cuisine – both new and traditional, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Middle East, African, British, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin American, Mexican and many more with maximum catering capacity up to 1000
  • Tasting service. Choose a catering service that encourages tastings with their potential clients like Ken’s.

Ken’s Kitchen Creative also able to provide the wedding cake. They have their professional bakers for the wedding cake. However if the bride wants to bring her own wedding cake, they won’t charge a single dollar for this service. Ken’s also manage their client’s alcohol in order to saves their clients thousands of dollars. They also allow outside wine, alcohol and beer and also serve them at no cost.

Besides great food, Ken’s also provide rentals for wedding reception items such as flatware, linens etc. They also provide their own wait staff – which is mostly college educated women who have experienced for over 10 years. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt for a great catering for wedding in and around Annapolis. Ken’s Kitchen Creative should be your first choice. They serve amazing food including a cheese table, an oyster bar, passed hour d’oeuvres and wine and beer along with special champagne and cocktails. You will have your perfect wedding with catering service from Ken’s. This place takes personal care of you. When you are asking people about what the best catering service in Annapolis, most of them will recommend you to try Ken’s Creative Kitchen.


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