Great Alternative of Home Depot Shower Pans

Home Depot Shower Pans can be a perfect option if you have limited budget for having the latest wet room trend. A shower area is an important part of any bathroom. Many people have a shower tiled area and some other prefers a shower base.

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Why Choose Home Depot Shower Pans?

Home Depot Shower Pans is a great choice especially if your shower doesn’t have a tiled area and you plan to install a cubicle and shower pan. There are several advantages to installing a shower pan; it is less expensive than a tiled shower area, it is easy to install, easy to clean and it has fewer waterproofing problems.  A shower pan is also a great alternative for a small bathroom or if you want to remodel your bathroom with a little renovation to do.  A shower pan is also safer as the water has less chance to spill out from the shower area, so you won’t have water on the floor issue.

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You may think that a shower pan has a limited option, think again.  Shower pans from Home Depot are not only available in standard rectangular and square shapes, but also in angled and curved designs and even those that fit into the room corner so that it is perfect for a corner shower.  Shower pans from Home Depot are also available in a wide range of colors.  With most pan bases have a non-slip surface as a feature, shower pans are safer than before.

Home Depot Shower Pans Materials and Installation

Most shower bases are typically made of acrylic but these days you also can get shower pans in ceramic glass and steel. However, they are more difficult to find and since soaps can make them slippery, they may not be suitable choice for family use. Shower pans made of acrylic are popular because they are durable, light in weight, and inexpensive. When installing acrylic shower pans, you may need a mortar bed for the shower pans additional support although some shower pans are self-supporting.  A shower pans should to be installed by a licensed shower builder so that it meets the wet areas’ required standards. On the down side, an acrylic shower pan usually weakens over years of use. As an alternative, you can go for acrylic shower pan that is blended with fiberglass to strengthen it. This type of shower pan is affordable and more durable than a shower pan that is made of only acrylic.

When you are choosing for a shower pan, consider your individual needs, your budget, and how much you will use the shower. Visual appeal is also another important feature to consider when choosing a shower pan. A shower pan with color and material that complements the bathroom interior is what you would go for – especially if you have clear shower doors, you will expect anyone who visits your bathroom will see the shower pan.

Regarding how much you should spend for a shower pan and the cost of installation, the cost actually depends on the design, material and size of shower pan you choose.  In general, you can expect to pay for Home Depot Shower Pans anywhere from $150 to $1000 or more.


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