The Best Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower Ideas

Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower are so popular when spring begins. Ladybug summer garden party showers is also chosen when a little baby girl is on the way. Here is some ideas for making the ladybug themed for a baby shower party including invitations, foods, decorations and games to entertain your guests.

ladybug decorations for baby shower

Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower #1: Invitations

A baby shower invitations can be a clue for your guests to what the theme of the upcoming event of baby shower. Regarding the invitation, you have some options:

  • Purchase customized invites online. This service typically includes all of the baby shower details that are printed on high quality card stock. This type of baby shower invitation is usually expensive; it costs from $1 to $3 for each invitation.
  • Purchase fill-in invitations. This is a more affordable option for baby shower invitations. You can write in the date and time of baby shower party you are going to hold as well as location, RSVP and other details. You usually have to purchase this type of invitations in sets. However, if you will have a large baby shower party, you will need to hand-write all the details in each invitation and that will take some time.
  • Create shower invitation in ladybug theme by yourself. You can create them on your computer or create them using craft supplies. Get ideas from birthday party invitation as the concept is similar to baby shower.

ladybug baby shower supplies

Unique Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower

Ladybug theme is usually used when you are having a girl baby shower. However, the theme is also used in spring or summer time. Moms who like gardening especially will love or choose this Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower theme. You can make it an outdoor baby shower party depending on the weather.

fancy baby shower decorations

Find ideas for ladybug theme of baby shower. Red, black and white is the common color theme to use for a ladybug baby shower. To be more creative and fun, you can add bright green color to liven up everything. Some moms decide to use green and pink or yellow and blue theme for a ladybug shower – which is a great idea. Choose the color that you like the most and have fun with it.

In the entrance, you can hang up a banner, flags and posters with ladybugs picture on it. Create a large mural of ladybug and have it on a wall. Purchase some red, green and white balloons and put them and in the entrance way and behind the center of the foods tables. A checkered tablecloths for baby shower party can add the “home feeling” to the decor. Or purchase black felt and put them to red table cloths to make the table cloths look like a giant ladybug. To create an environment that is more festive, you can paint a stone like a ladybug and place helium balloons with ladybug image in the center of each guest table. So, now you have a little clue of what you have to prepare for your Ladybug Decorations for Baby Shower.


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