Tips for Children’s Bathroom Décor

Finding a cool Children’s Bathroom Décor could be fun, but don’t allow that taking priority over adding vital safety features. When you are decorating a bathroom for your child, it is easy to go to extremes – choosing a theme and then end up buying everything that match that theme. Excess in décor won’t work – and that includes your children’s bathroom. Other parents may end up remodeling the children bathroom when they should just decorate it.

children's bathroom decor

When You Will Need Children’s Bathroom Décor

If you have a house with little children and planning to live in your house for more than five years, you certainly need to rebuild a bathroom with cabinets, sinks and fixtures that designed for them. For instance, you should install the toilet in a 42 inches space across instead of the common 30 inches between cabinet and wall because it will be a lot easier for parents to help their children up on the toilet with more space around it. If you plan to have only one child and will be living in your house for less than five years, bathroom remodeling is not necessary because children bathroom features will affect the value of your home resale. You can do some good Bathroom Décor options instead. The first step of decorate your children bathroom is getting familiar with what’s out there. Get ideas from magazines or catalogs and see what you like and the level of price you are comfortable with.

kids bathroom decor

What to Consider In Children’s Bathroom Décor

 When it comes to decorating your children bathroom, consider the following:

  • Stick with décor theme and color scheme.For instance, if the bathroom connects the bedroom, you can keep the same theme and color scheme on through.
  • Carefully choose the elements of theme.If you have the shower curtain, wallpaper and border in a bright color and dynamic theme characters, your children bathroom may look too busy; therefore use a a theme border or character shower curtain that close to a solid painted wall in a balancing color. You can also choose for wallpaper with a more delicate shower curtain. Theme for towels, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes and fixtures can add to the combined look, but make sure they not just come from the same mass merchandiser but in complementary colors instead.

kids shower curtains

  • Considering having a mural on the bathroom wall with your children’s favorite characters or painting the bathroom wall with multi stripes vertically or horizontally. Allow your child to paint the wall or a couple of tiles for a backsplash behind the sink. It is a great idea to include your children’s artwork into the space they are going to use a lot.
  • Take two shower curtains on the same rod. This way, when the shower curtains are closed, there will a nice gentle fold – just like the expensive shower curtains designer made. Besides, the shower curtains will completely hide those toys in the tub. Many retailers offer children shower curtains with various different pattern such as ducks and turtles, cars and trucks, cats and dogs or fairy tale characters for a fun Children’s Bathroom Décor.


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