A DIY Guide on How to Install a Toilet

How to Install a Toilet? Every homeowner with basic tools and basic mechanical skills can easily replace a toilet and upgrade it by installing the new toilet with water saving design. It takes a few hours to install a new toilet but the results last for years.

how to instal a toilet

How to Install a Toilet #1: Measuring a New Toilet

Before you remove the old toilet, you need to make sure that the new toilet fits in place. Measure the wall behind the toilet to the closet bolts center. Also measure from the back of the new toilet to the center of the mounting holes and then compare the results. If the new toilet base is shorter than the space between the wall and the holes of rear bolt, then it should fit. If you have a small bathroom where space is limited, measure from the flange bolts sides to sidewalls. This avoiding the case you cannot hold your new toilet into place because it takes some spaces.

seating a toilet

When you are buying a toilet, you will have to purchase both a tank and a bowl and make sure that those two components match. Toilet tank typically come with the already installed flush-valve assembly, but always check this when you buy it. Additionally, you will have to buy wax gasket, bolts and toilet seat (if it is not included). If you also need to replace the supply line, choose the flexible supply line that covered in stainless steel interlock because it is stronger, attractive and convenient. For a less expensive option, you can buy plastic supply lines.

If you are installing a toilet for replacement, remove the old toilet in pieces. Stop the water supply for the toilet by turn off a supply valve that is usually placed below the left side of the tank. Flush the toilet to empty the tank. With a sponge, remove any remaining water from the tank and bowl. Remove the top of the tank then remove the tank from the bowl. Remove the nuts that attach the bowl and then lift the bowl off the gasket. Shake the bowl to remove it from wax gasket. The wax gasket is dirty, sticky and is a difficult stuff to clean off therefore prepares cleaning products to use. Use a putty knife to scrape the wax and then clean and level the surface of the mounting before installing your new toilet.

How to Install a Toilet # 2: Setting The Bowl and Install The Tank

Once you have taken the old one out, you can start installing the new toilet. Place in closet bolts and place them in a parallel line to the wall behind the toilet or into the floor. Turn the bowl over and put a rug under it to prevent damage. Put in the wax ring with the tapered end facing the toilet. Unplug the hole of waste drain and place the toilet on the flange. Place the toilet and with a rocking motion, you should gently press the toilet down against the wax. Tighten the nuts by changing from side to side so that you can evenly distribute the pressure. How to Install a Toilet? Follow the steps explained above and get the best result.


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