How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint My House Efficiently?

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint My House? The question commonly is a first thing that may cross your mind when you decide that you are going to paint a room in your home. You do not want to wind up wasting money to purchasing too much paint. On the other hand, you do not want to purchase too little of paint so that you have not enough paint to finish painting the room. Here is a simple method in estimating the amount of paint you will need to paint a room.

how much paint do i need to paint my house

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint My House? A Simple Estimating Method

Use a measure tape to find the total footage around the edge. Multiply the number by the wall height. For a rough estimation, you can subtract 14 square feet for each window and 20 square feet for each door. For an extra large window, you may need to measure it in preference to using these set numbers.

how to calculate how much paint you need for a room

Divide the number by the paint spreading rate. Learn the spreading rate on the paint can, each brand of paint have its spreading rate. Most paints’ spreading rate is typically 300 to 400 ft per gallon.

Buy paint in number you have in gallons. If it is a decimal number, you can round it up. It is always better to have a little bit too much of paint than have not enough to make the painting work done.

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint My House? Using Online Calculator

Purchasing the right amount of paint to paint your house is important. As a general rule, it is better to have enough and would be less expensive to purchase a gallon than 2 quarts of paint. Besides, a little amount of leftover paint is always good for touch ups.

Measuring the surface you are going to paint is easy. Prepare your measure tape and calculator and find the heights and lengths of the surfaces you are going to cover and then multiply them to get the total square footage to be covered. To find out how many gallons of paint you need, just see the maximum coverage on the paint can and and divide the total square footage.

Generally, you will need 1 gallon of paint to cover about 350 – 400 sq ft of surface. But, if the walls are unpainted drywall, you need a little more than one gallon because this type of wall absorbs more of the paint. Consider that you may need to paint the surface more than one coat – for example if you are going to paint unfinished walls or repainting dark color walls.

Search for the best online calculator from the internet – it is really helpful to find the amount of paint you should buy. Use this online calculator before you begin painting your walls, woodwork, ceiling, windows and doors to estimate the amount of paint you will have to use. If you are still unsure how to calculate your paint needs or still wondering How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint My House, you can use this online calculator.

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