Natural Way of Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar and Water

Is it possible to Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar and water? Laminate flooring can become dirty, stained and dingy eventually – even when you do regular cleaning. You can always remove dirt and stains from laminate floors with expensive cleaners but a simple mixture of vinegar and water can also do the job well. Vinegar naturally dissolves and removing stains on laminate flooring and other surfaces.

cleaning laminate floors with vinegar

On the internet, you may find plenty of tips on cleaning laminate floor and also a lot of floor cleaning products. Some floor cleaners work great for some laminate floors while other laminate floor damaged with the same floor cleaner. Nevertheless, Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar and water always work best on any laminate floor.

How to Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar and Water?

  • To clean the entire laminate floors in your home, mix ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar with 1 gallon of water in a mopping container then dip the mop into it and mop the floor as you usually do.
  • To clean spots on laminate floors, mix ¼ cup distilled white vinegar with 32 oz. water and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Slightly shake the spray bottle and spray on the spots of stains. Use a soft cloth to rub on the stain. If you don’t have spray water, you can use a damp towel dipped in warm water and vinegar solution to rub on stains spots and then use paper towel to dry it out.
  • To clean stubborn stains, mix ¼ cup alcohol with 1 gallon water. Use the mixture to mop the floor as usual and then use vinegar and water mixture over the laminate floor.

cleaning hardwood floors vinegar

You can try Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar weekly or twice a week. For daily cleaning routine to keep your laminate floors beautiful and clean, you can do dust mopping and vacuuming to get rid of loose dirt. While cleaning laminate floors, it is better not to saturate the floor with a floor cleaner. Avoid standing water on the laminate floor surface when you it, and change the cleaning solution often to keep it clean.

Apart from cleaning laminate floor with cleaning product or vinegar and water mixture, using a good quality mop is also a good consideration to take. To get the best result, use removable microfiber cloth mop. Beside to be used with cleaning products or vinegar and water mixture you can also use this type of mop for everyday house cleaning. You just need water and the removable microfiber cloth mop to clean laminate floor on a daily basis. Also, you can wipe removable microfiber cloth mop after spraying dirty floor area.

For laminate floor that shows every footprint and mark, vinegar solution and water will bring the shine back! The mixture can make every mark and smudge disappeared and your floor will be shiny new, Vinegar is an extremely great natural cleaner, besides it is inexpensive, safe and has disinfects effect. Cleaning Laminate Floors with Vinegar and water will give your floor its beauty and cleanliness.


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