DIY on How to Install a Shower Pan Liner

How to Install a Shower Pan Liner? A shower pan liner works by preventing water from leaking into the bathroom walls. The first step in installing a shower pan liner is by ensuring to install a solid and waterproof liner. Shower pan liners are made from PVC or CPE. This rubber like material of shower pan liners is strong and durable and also easy to install so that they can be placed over concrete slab and plywood sub floors. If you are planning to install a shower, the following steps will help you install the shower pan liner.

how to install a shower pan liner

Step By Step on How to Install a Shower Pan Liner

How to Install a Shower Pan Liner? Installing a shower pan liner is within the ability of a smart DIY-er, however there are a few guidelines to help making the procedure easier. Although most shower subfloor is constructed of plywood, the same principles of concrete flooring are applied below the shower pan liner.

how to build a tile shower

  • Install the shower pan liner in the shower floor base. Use utility knife to cut a small hole above the drain hole in the center of the pan liner.
  • Install the base of the drain above the hole and wrap it with duct tape to so that dust and debris will not get into the drain.
  • Lay the shower liner sides partly 10 inches on shower wall sides. Nail the liner to the wall studs. Begin at the shower floor center and extend the shower pan liner towards the walls, ensure that the base of the shower pan liner lays flat. When you get to the corners, partly cover the liner and secure it with nails into the wall studs.
  • Make sure you nail the shower pan liner to the curbs or to the wall studs to securely rest around the shower perimeter. This way, the shower will be leak proof before you install the shower pan.

tile shower installation

Tips on How to Install a Shower Pan Liner

Although ceramic tile showers look great, leaks are unavoidable. Your shower floor may be leak even if you haven’t seen visible signs of tile damage. This is because ceramic tiles are water repellent – not waterproof. There is about two inches of cement mortar under the tiled floor surface and this mortar becomes saturated with water every time you are using the shower. Eventually the water infiltration can cause damage and causing tiles to lose and breakdown plaster lines. Shower pan liners below the mortar can protect the subfloor from weakening.

Flexible shower pan liners are often used in most modern shower floors and work as a waterproof membrane below the mortar and tile. The flexible shower pan liners can be used in place of the old-fashioned lead shower pans to resist water and match to the various wood framing contours, folding into corners and bending upward at the walls. The drawback to the flexible shower pan liners is that the material is expensive. By carefully following the guide of How to Install a Shower Pan Liner, you can get the best result

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