Step by Step on How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs

How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs? While installing hardwood flooring is quite easy, installing hardwood floor on stairs can take a little more effort and time. Most homeowners who have installed hardwood floors in their home, they usually want the stairs to match the hardwood floor as well. Installing hardwood floor on stairs need precise measurements and cutting to ensure that the stairs look as beautiful as the rest of the home.

how to install hardwood floors on stairs

The Process on How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs

  • Before you install hardwood floors on stairs, you need to begin with a clean surface. Carefully remove carpeting from the stairs and the tack strip and then discard them. Sweep the stairs because dirt or debris left on the stairs can cause unsecure and squeak hardwood flooring.
  • Check the stairs to know how level they are. If there are a few small spots in which the stairs are not completely level, sand the high points for better results.
  • Begin with the top step, install the hardwood down and measure to make it fit. Draw a chalk line in a spot where you have to cut the stair for balustrade or corners. Cut the hardwood stair material with a circular saw and then fit them into its place and nail them.
  • Repeat and continue the process to the rest of the stair. Install nosing into the corners to hide rough edges.

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Tips on How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs

How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs? Hardwood stair floor installation is widely different from each job. You may need to cover existing stairs or cover stairs that only be made of a subfloor. The stairs may have no open sides, one open side, or two open sides. You also may or may not have to install banister or balustrade. Most builders consider them as the the art of stair building. When you are installing risers and treads, the next step is to make them pretty. If the stair treads are rounded and jut out over the risers, you need to build them before you are installing new treads and risers. Cut risers to 8 to 12 degree chamfer along the edge. Nail it in place so the long side faces out the stairs and the short side is against stairs. As a result, you will get a tighter-looking seam.

You can work on stairs by yourself if you plan a stairway with a wall on each side but you better hire a professional stair builder if you plan to have a stairway with fancy handrails. To make the stair’s steps match the rest of the hardwood flooring in your home, you can install pre-finished hardwood flooring on stairs. However, you need to prepare the stairs before you begin the installation. Use the same flooring type that you have used in a room. For the safety reason, when installing the hardwood floor on stairs, you need to glue it down on the steps. The installation does not require special tools. The average DIYers can easily manage the hardwood floor on stair installation project with a little planning and carefully follow the step by step of How to Install Hardwood Floors on Stairs.


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