The Best Tips for Choosing Small Campers with Bathrooms

Portable toilets are a well suited option to Small Campers with Bathrooms. If your travel trailer, or also known as recreational vehicle (RV), only has single waste water tank then you need to use a portable toilet to help keep waste water tank from filling too quickly because portable toilet can dump separately. Some camper vans don’t have facilities for built-in bathroom; therefore a portable toilet unit can be the simplest way of adding a toilet besides the cost is less expensive.

small campers with bathrooms

Small campers’ bathroom looks and functions in a similar way as home bathroom does; the difference is that small camper’s bathroom has its own sewer systems. If the toilet, sink and shower in a house bathroom drain into a city sewage system, in a small travel trailer, they drain into a holding tank that needs to be manually emptied.

pop up camper with bathroom

Small Campers with Bathrooms Types

In general, there are three types of toilets to use for your travel trailers or RV; ball valve toilets, portable toilets and composting toilets. You have to choose the right according to the intended use and available space. Most travel trailers use a ball valve toilet – which is the best option if your RV has a working water tank. Otherwise a portable toilet with a cartridge tank that can be manually removed and dumped could be an alternative. If you like to spend a considerable amount of time camping in areas without utilities access, a composting toilet is also the best choice.

A ball valve toilet is the most common type of Small Campers With Bathrooms utilizes. It is designed to use very small amount of water for every flush. Unlike regular toilets, ball valve toilets do not hold water in a bowl or a tank; they use water only when flushing. Normally these units seal the bottom side of the bowl and are rotated in the process of flushing to supply a direct medium to a waste water tank. Due to ease of operation and use, ball valve toilets are typically the best option for any small campers with a proper waste tank.

Some advanced portable travel trailer’s toilet models can imitate more closely the action of a regular toilet by automating the pressurized water application and the ball valve closing and opening. Although these toilet units can reduce the amount of rinse work needed after each use, they preserve water by only using enough to do each flush. A ball valve toilet for RV can be more costly than simpler designs, however they are more convenient to use.

A composting toilet unit is another option. This unique toilet can be quite pricey, but they are a perfect choice for those who like to camp in remote areas that have limited access to utilities. Boon-docking, or dry camping, is an outdoor activity that involves staying at nonstandard camping areas for some time. As these areas have lack of utilities such as dumps or water, a composting toilet can be helpful in Small Campers with Bathrooms for a trip that needs little or no water.

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