Racedeck Flooring Prices And and Features

Racedeck Flooring Prices and features are two important things you should consider before choosing your garage floor coverings. There are two styles of garage floor coverings – tiles and mats. Both are great products for the DIY-er because they are very easy to install.

racedeck flooring prices

Racedeck Flooring Prices and Flexible Garage Floor Tiles/ Wood Composite Garage Floor Tiles

There is a various different way to interlock flexible floor tiles. As rigid plastic tiles, flexible floor tiles are easy to install and remove and also softer. One of the advantages of flexible floor tiles compare to rigid tiles is that flexible floor tiles are much easier cars and other heavy machinery to stand and walk on over long time periods. Besides, they can handle heavy abuse and can easily clean up and look nice. On the other hand, PVC tiles are typically suitable for normal garage use. Flexible floor tiles for garage are available in many colors, patterns and profiles. Wood composite garage floor tiles are particularly made for subflooring systems of a basement, but you can also use them for garage flooring. An advantage of wood composite garage floor tiles over other materials is that they are merely 7/8 inches thick and can support up to 3,500 pounds per sq foot, which is extremely strong for standard purposes of a garage. Wood composite floor tiles are very easy to install with a hammer and a block of wood. No gluing is needed. The cost of wood composite floor tiles is more expensive than Racedeck Flooring Prices.

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Racedeck Flooring Prices for Plastic Tiles

Redreck flooring provides garage floor tiles basic types that are rigid plastic tiles, wood composite tiles and plastic and flexible rubber tiles. Those basic types create a amazing garage floor, however as each type have their differences, it would are worth considering learning them.

One of great advantages of having tile flooring is that you can create eye-catching patterns on your floor, such as checkerboard. You can also install the tiles over stained or cracked concrete floors. Garage floor tiles are easy to install and typically available in various sizes from 12 X 12 inches to 24 X 24 inches. They generally snap together, and are as easy to remove as they are to install.

Racedeck rigid plastic tiles for garage floor are the best one as they are 100 % PVC. The size of Racedeck rigid plastic tiles are usually about ¼ inch thick and can endure most chemicals, grease, oils and other awful substances usually found in a garage. This type of plastic tile is strong enough to support cars.

Another advance option for rigid tiles of garage floor is metal floor tiles. This type of tile has a metal tread surface that offer sturdiness and a unique look. However, it will set you back about $15 per square foot.

Garage floor tiles’ cost is usually the main disadvantage; which is typically started at about $2.50 per sq foot. Though Racedeck Flooring Prices is quite expensive compare to epoxy floor or painted floor the trade-off is you can do a much easier and quicker installation.


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