High Performance Pro Flow Toilets

Pro Flow Toilets is always be a good choice for whether you are replacing a broken toilet or are refurbishing an entire bathroom, or updating to a new water saving model. There are a wide range of toilet models and styles available that you can find the right one for your bathroom. This article will explain you about features you should consider when you are purchasing a toilet from Pro Flow and the technology that makes them more efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly.

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Pro Flow Toilets Features

  • Before purchasing a new toilet, you better learn about the latest advance toilet technologies s that are environment friendly by saving water – and also save your money on water bills.
  • Choose Bowl Shape. Pro Flow Toilets provide two different types of toilet bowl; round toilet bowl and elongated toilet bowl. Consider how much space available in your bathroom before you purchase one. If you have a small bathroom space, purchase a round bowl toilet. If you have a larger bathroom, an elongated toilet bowl will work great.
  • Choose Flush Power. Decide how much flush power you will need. Purchase a toilet that will flush efficiently without clogging.
  • Choose Toilet Height. Decide the proper height for your toilet. There are two common sizes of toilet height; 14 or 15-inches for standard sizes and 16 or 17-inch for latest models – which are becoming increasingly popular lately.
  • Consider the distance between the wall and the floor drain. The standard distance is 10″, 12″ and 14″ which are sometimes you can find in older homes. Measure the wall behind the existing toilet to the middle of the bolts on the toilet base.

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Water Saving Pro Flow Toilets

Since toilets are the major source of water usage in a house, a water saving toilets will be a great idea to have in your home. With Pro Flow labeled toilets, you can save up to $80 per year on your sewage and water bill. New flushing technology of Pro Flow labeled toilets enables water conservation without the giving up the flush power. According to regulations, toilets should not spend more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush; consequently, besides to adding style and comfort, replacing old toilets will give you a great deal of water efficiency. Toilet from Pro Flow made of materials that encourage earth-friendly program, bringing your toilets that have the Pro Flow label of approval for using maximum 1.27 gallons per flush.

With a huge range of colors and styles to choose from, choosing a toilet from Pro Flow that matches your bathroom décor will be simple and easy. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom design is traditional or contemporary because their extensive selection allows you to reflect your personal style. For your convenient, Pro Flow also offers toilet kits that include bowl, toilet seat, tank and wax ring therefore you can make sure that you already have all of the right toilet parts. This will save you from exchanging part or return visits to the store to buy another more suitable Pro Flow Toilets.


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