Deal With Karndean Flooring Problems

Some people may have Karndean Flooring Problems. Karndean flooring is a fantastic option; it is warm underfoot and is easy to clean. Though Karndean flooring is quite costly, but most people definitely enjoy having it at their homes. It is not as noisy as laminate floor and the strips are flexible so that they will not bounce the sound around like laminate floor. Karndean is recommended for hallway, kitchen, or playroom. However, as any other floor, there are some flooring problems you have to deal with.

karndean flooring problems

Some Karndean Flooring Problems

Karndean floor provide different types of flooring; wood, stone, vinyl, etc. Stone floors give your home a luxurious appearance and a cool surface in warm climates. Limestone floors are subjected to high temperatures and intense pressure process that changes its structure of crystalline and creates a variety of veining patterns and colors. Stone floorings are very durable and needs little maintenance; however some problems may occur and must be fixed. For example; stone floor often suffers stains from coffee, soda and citrus drinks or from bronze or iron furniture oxidation. If this problem occurs, don’t use chemical cleaning products because it can damage the stone surface. Instead, clean the stain with water and a good stone soap in a blotting action and not a rubbing action. If you don’t see any improvement, contact a stone flooring repair specialist. Stone floor also suffer from scratches and cracks. To fix scratches, you can use extra fine sandpaper to carefully grinding down the scratch. While to repair cracks, you can epoxy filler and tints that match the stone floor pattern.

karndean flooring cleaning

If Karndean wood flooring is your preference, you will get a beautiful, timeless, long lasting and easy to clean flooring. Wood flooring has quickly becoming the likeable choice for many homeowners. However, once the wood floor is installed, it could suffer from many common household problems; therefore you need to preserve your wood floor by knowing what could harm it and do something to protect it. Some wood Flooring Problems are water damage, improper wood installation and household pests. Since naturally wood is a very poriferous material, it contains a lot of tiny holes and they can suck of water like a sponge. If this occurs, the moisture will cause the wood to swell and cause it to crack. Improperly installed wood may cause the water damage to happen. If you are noticing holes in your wood floors, it may show that the floor condition is too moist. The floor installers should decide if the area you would like to install the Karndean wood floor in is appropriate for it. The floor installers should also make sure that the surface is smooth enough so that they can properly install the wood floor.

Other common Karndean Flooring Problems are household pests such as termites can damage your wood floor. Rodents such as mice can also destroy wood floor surfaces with their teeth and claw, besides they leave feces and urine and cause the floor to have unsightly stain and ruin the coating protection of floor and eventually cause Karndean Flooring Problems.

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