Step by Step on How to Stain Concrete Floors Indoors

How to Stain Concrete Floors Indoors in an effective way? Staining concrete floors indoor is a modern and smart way to add attractiveness to most home décor. Before applying stain to concrete floors, it is advised to take some precautions in order to achieve the best appearance. Before you begin, you may need to perform scrapping, scrubbing or patching work. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your basement into an entertainment room or add a different touch in your kitchen, staining your concrete floors can provide you the decorating edge you want.

how to stain concrete floors indoors

How to Stain Concrete Floors Indoors; Preparation Process

  • Examine floors for wax, glue, gum, grease and other adherents and remove them before staining the concrete floor so that it won’t make a way into the anticipated level in floor areas. Scratch wax and gum. To remove all of these materials, use solvents. To remove grease, use citrus cleaner and baking soda.
  • Examine floors for cracks. Scrap large cracks and holes and then set up ready-mix concrete according to instructions in the package and fill holes. Allowing it dries in proper time, typically 24 hours prior to staining.
  • Wash the concrete floors using water and prepare them for staining. Use a wet vacuum or a spray hose if possible. Let the floor dry thoroughly – you can use fans to get the drying process faster.
  • Put on your protective eye wear, gloves and clothing. Begin from the back part of the room and work toward the exit. Use a soft bristle brush with a long handle and evenly spread stain for a totally coated look. Apply one layer of stain coating and allow it dry completely. A good stain typically can dry in 1 to 2 hours. Apply the second layer and allow it to dry overnight.
  • Clean the whitish film residue from the concrete floor surface using a soft mop and water. Let the floor to dry completely.

how to paint concrete floors indoors

How to Stain Concrete Floors Indoors and How to Get the Best Result

Stained concrete floor is an elegant looking finish for your floor. Also stained concrete floors offer cost savings over any other flooring option. A modern interior space is not really needed for stained concrete floors finish. Stained concrete floor finish matches with all style of interior design, from bungalow cozy to minimalist contemporary.

Stained concrete floor finish has become the new material for homeowners and designers to choose. Besides stained finish, colored or painted concrete floors and customized glory are used in offices, stores, restaurants and homes everywhere. Staining concrete floors provides plenty options for interior including all but limitless colors, designs and even health benefits.

Decorative concrete floor available in many choices; acid-stained, radiant floors, overlays, painted, micro-toppings or a matchless personal floor. Concrete flooring is no longer has to be gray and dull. Now you can color your concrete floor and even applying patterns, textures, etc and bring new look to your room. By carefully following step by step of How to Stain Concrete Floors Indoors, you won’t even realize you are standing on a concrete floor.


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