Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit for Your New Remodel Bathroom

Are you considering using Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit for your shower remodeling? A shower look breathes a new atmosphere into a bathroom since the change of style and existing color altering the appearance of the entire room. You may feel to do a complete bathroom remodeling without look upon to the existing bathroom structure, however you can reduce the remodeling cost with some considerations without compromising the result.

styrofoam shower pan kit

Things to Consider before Installing Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit

Here are some considerations to take before you purchase a Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit and install a shower pan into your bathroom:

  • Consider to do a plumbing evaluation for the shower pan and use the existing configuration of plumbing if possible. By doing this, you will save your time and money on a remodeling project and reduces needless delays due to plumbing problems.
  • Decide the size of space available for the shower pan kit. Shower pans available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, but not all shower pans fit precisely into a bathroom small corner. If you wish to expand the shower area, you can install a bigger shower pan. Check if there is enough room and if the structures can be adjusted to fit the new dimensions.

shower pan installation

Tips in Purchasing a Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit

  • Search through online catalogs to see the available options and get an idea of what sort of shower pan kit made of Styrofoam you are looking for. Also visit home improvement centers to see them in real because written descriptions and images can be deceiving.
  • Before visiting showrooms to purchase a new shower pan, you should set a budget because once you are in the showroom; you may be interested in purchasing a much higher price shower pan than you planned. Establishing a budget helps you manage the reasonable expense.
  • Consider purchasing hardware and other decorative features. You may like your shower area to have decorative faucets to improve the look, but they typically don’t affect the function. Unless you have budget for a higher price, a decorative hardware is not important to purchase.

When you are purchasing a shower kit made of Styrofoam, typically you will get a set of complete tools for your shower pan installation:

  • Pre-sloped polystyrene shower pan or Styrofoam shower pan
  • Waterproofing band for shower wall seams
  • Waterproofing membrane for shower walls
  • Height adjustable collar shower drain assembly
  • Shower waterproofing corners

A shower pan kit made of Styrofoam typically includes everything but the tile. You can install a tiled shower with maintenance free that is designed to allow easy installation process of shower pan. It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor or a DIY-er, you will find that this shower kit is going to provide you with all the important tools to build a waterproof shower.  Also, it can be installed immediately without waiting time between steps.  Using Styrofoam Shower Pan Kit will make you have a desire shower area completed in no time.

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