How to Pour a Shower Pan on Concrete Floor

How to Pour A Shower Pan on concrete floor? How to frame it and use it with or without tile? The most important step to do is to make sure that the shower pan is leak proof.

how to pour a shower pan

Step by Step on How a Shower Pan

  • Before learning on How to Pour a Shower Pan, you need to make some essential preparations. Prepare a curb that is installed and add blocking between the wall framing. Also, prepare the subfloor and bring it up to the proper level for the drain.
  • Before you begin, clean away debris and dirt using a foxtail brush, and then, in order to prevent the drain from clogging, cover it with tape.
  • Use mud mix for the shower pan. You can purchase it at a local tile supplier. Each bas typically costs about $15 and you may need 3 – 4 bags of mud mix for an average shower base size. You can also use Portland cement for less expensive alternative.
  • Use 2 x 10 lumbers to frame in the shower pan around the bottom of the floor. Also use regular 2×4 studs up the walls. You can use a drain and put it anywhere on the shower pan on condition that you have good drainage by slope the concrete. Most people use a drain and put it in the center of the shower pan.

how to build a shower base

  • When you have framed the shower pan, you will need to a preparation for the floor mortar. First you need to do drain assembly and then line the floor using a tar paper.
  • In order to hold mortar, put down metal lath on top of the tar paper. The consistency of floor mortar should be soft clay so that you can spread it easily. Begin with around the sides and then toward the center and create a gradual slope to the drain.
  • Allow the mortar to dry and then you need to make sure that it prevents leaking by put down a rubber membrane to seal. You can purchase the rubber membrane in most plumbing stores. Make sure you have covered the entire floor of shower pan floor with the membrane. Cut the rubber membrane to fit the drain and glue it in place to make a better seal.
  • Put and screw the second part of the drain assembly in place and then set up for the next mortar layer
  • Put in the concrete backer board walls in order to cover the framing. You will also have to put the third part of the drain assembly in in order to measure how high to the mortar to pour.
  • Pour the final mortar layer and use a gentle slope from the sides of the shower pan to the drain.
  • For the water to drain freely make sure that the tile will obtrude only a little above the drain.
  • Lay the tile in place and locked it with particular adhesive for tile. When you have set the tile, you can start apply the grout on all sides.
  • Now you can see the different layers and get a better understanding on How to Pour a Shower Pan and how a concrete shower pan is created.
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