Staining Concrete Floors Indoors is Easy

Surprisingly Staining Concrete Floors Indoors is an easy task, so if you have a basement, garage, porch or sunroom with a concrete floor should consider this process. For example, you can choose for a semi transparent concrete stain in your favorite to give your concrete floors an unfinished looking in a warm wash of color in your sun room.

staining concrete floors indoors

Staining Concrete Floors Indoors Preparation

  • If concrete floor in your room is in pretty good shape, you can choose for a semi transparent stain. Concrete floor without an opaque covering will show the original concrete – but don’t be troubled with any natural concrete texture variations since they still look great with a semi transparent stain. The floor appearance is more finished without totally covering its varied texture underneath the stain. Besides, it is very durable.

staining concrete floors yourself

  • First step to take in Staining Concrete Floors Indoors process is cleaning the material using a mild acid that is formulated to take the concrete surface out. Therefore it is recommended to protect your hand, eye and foot by wearing a long sleeved shirt and a long pant. Besides a wet, smooth floor might voluntarily lend itself to slips and falls.
  • Prepare the tools. You will need a broom to clean up and spreading the cleaning liquid (make sure the concrete floor is free from metal parts otherwise you will see it go up in fumes), a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt from all over the room, a bucket to mix cleaning liquid with dilution water, a hose to wash down, a masking paper and a painter’s tape to protect the lower part and baseboard of the walls. You will also need afloor squeegee to make surface liquid removal become easier. A a 1/2″ nap roller with a long handle and a paint tray and also a sprayer to spray the stain.
  • Prepare the material. If you have a very smooth concrete floor, you can use undiluted material to cover about 175 sq feet of concrete, otherwise you will need one gallon of the diluted solution (a mixture of one gallon of water and one gallon of acid) to clean and clean about 350 sq feet of concrete.

painting concrete floors indoors

Staining Concrete Floors Indoors Process

If you have smooth interior concrete surface you can start to stain the concrete floor with the materials in hand and use the cleaner at full strength. This process is also successfully applied to exterior concrete, stone and pavers – but make sure you protect adjacent plants and other sensitive items. Although I have no personal experience with it, this procedure may also be used on vertical surfaces. Tape masking paper to the doors, baseboards and lower part of the walls and other area that you are concerned about stain or splashing acid on something. Do not spray the acid; as an alternative, you can apply it out of a plastic bucket or sprinkling can. After this cleaning process is done, now you can apply the stain with the sprayer. Let the stain dry for few hours and then apply a second coat. Dry the coat overnight and you will have the Staining Concrete Floors Indoors is done perfectly.

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