How to Get Rid Pink Mold in Shower Area

Pink Mold in Shower area is definitely annoying. This pink mold is a form of minuscule fungi that grows on the decaying organic substance that accumulates in a shower area. Pink mold is actually an airborne bacterium and if it is ingested, it could cause respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections and other infections. Pink mold can be removed using bleaching products but since bleach is a toxic product that can develops harsh fumes, you may want to take other alternatives such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda.

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Remove Pink Mold In Shower Area Using Vinegar And Baking Soda

  • Pour vinegar on a small cloth and scrub the Pink Mold In Shower area. Press a little bit when you are scrubbing to get rod of as much pink mold as possible. Rinse the vinegar off of the shower walls with water.
  • Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste; dip a tooth brush into it and then start scrubbing the pink mold. This will eliminate any residues of pink mold left behind from the process. Rinse the mixture from the shower walls. Wipe off your wall and let dry for about 24 hours before you use it.
  • Other alternative methods to remove pink mold is by using a spray of mold and mildew remover that cost about $4 to $5 for a 32 fl. oz. spray bottle. With this spray technique, removing pink mold from shower is easy and no scrubbing required.
  • You can also soak the curtain in a mixture of distilled vinegar and water or washing the curtain. If you prefer, you can also do curtain bleaching in your washing machine with a hot water cycle.

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Pink Mold In Shower Curtain

The mold remover did the trick in the stain area, but is still toxic – yet the chemical smell can be lessened by letting it air dry. Pink mold in a shower is almost everyone problems. The pink colored substance can be found wherever there is dampness in your home like the toilet and the sink. Get rid of pink mold is typically easy; however, you need to take steps to keep the curtain and shower area clean to avoid bacteria from coming back. For cleaning up the curtains, pour one gallon of water into a bucket and add one cup of bleach. Wear gloves on your hands and then dip a rag into it. Rinse the cleaned area with water. If the pink mold is stubborn and still present, repeat the method. To stop the bacteria from returning, clean the shower curtain at least once a week. Don’t forget to dry the shower floors and walls after each usage. If the content of moisture in your home is high, you can operate a dehumidifier. In order to get rid of the moisture and humidity, installing a fan inside the bathroom may help. A few minutes of work and regular daily attention, you can get your bathroom fresh and clean. It is all it takes to keep your bathroom from Pink Mold In Shower. Happy housekeeping!

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