The Best Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas

Need Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas for your new Big Sister? If you don’t feel you are a creative person, you may be a bit nervous about how exactly you are going to decorate the sorority paddle. The hard part of it is finding the perfect sorority paddle shape; but once you have picked it out, you will merely need the basic tools for decorating your Big Sister’s new paddle. You can have an online purchase for wooden paddle and Greek symbols and letters and paint it in a vivid color or a pattern such as lily flower, zebra, leopard, argyle, polka dots, and stripes – any pattern that symbolizes your sister’s personality.  For inspiration and painting guide, find a sample of a pattern you like from internet or other sources and copy it or you can purchase a scrap-booking paper sheet with the pattern you desire.

sorority paddle decorating ideas

Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas For Your Big Sister

It has been a long tradition to decorate and give Big Sisters a paddle with the colors and theme of a particular Greek group. This tradition encourages the sorority identity (a Greek group unity) and serves as a thoughtful and memorable gift for members. The recipient of sorority paddle will hang up the decorated paddle in her room to remind her of the process of pledge and the uniting and exciting experience of Greek life.

Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas are vary from one design to another. You can do online search to design the custom paddles for your group and explore various options available. Once you get the site you like, you can start by selecting from the site’s vast selection of paddles. Depending on your preference, you may like a traditional paddle that features a laser engraved walnut – which has been a longtime favorite. Consider other options available; you may opt for anchor paddle that features a symbolic handle plaque such as cross and crescent paddle, crescent moon paddle, couples paddle, bear paddle, etc. Once you pick a particular paddle you like, you can browse through the site’s variety collection of customization designs options to hone your paddle with a sorority crest, logo and letters. Adding a specific colors and details your Big Sister and other sorority friends will most appreciate.

how to make a paddle for your big

Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas And What You Need To Create The Perfect One

When you have got the sorority paddle design from the internet, now you will need to apply the design and start create the perfect one. Here is what you need to begin with:

  • Wood Glue. You will need a really strong adhesive to hold wood letters to your paddle. Don’t use white paper glue as it’s too weak.
  • Acrylic Paints. Choose pretty acrylic paints in your sorority colors
  • Paint Brushes. For fine details, use a small and thin watercolor paint brushes
  • Paper Towels. As the work will cause a little messy, have a roll or two paper towels

Now that you have the basic tools to create your sorority paddle, it is time to start turning the Sorority Paddle Decorating Ideas into a perfect gift for your Big Sister.

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