The Luxurious 1.5 gpm Shower Head

Adding 1.5 gpm shower head when remodeling your bathroom is a very exciting effort, however choosing bathroom or shower features such as shower heads can be overwhelming with numerous choices available. Here are few things to consider when it comes to selecting the right shower head for your shower!

1.5 gpm shower head

Basic Type Of 1.5 gpm Shower Head

When selecting a new shower head, you will want to consider the basic type of shower head you plan to install. There are three basic types of shower head fixed typed, adjustable type and handheld type.

  • Fixed types of shower heads are a complete stationary that mounted directly to the wall. This type of shower head is something you should consider if you are looking for a budget friendly option.
  • Adjustable types of shower heads are also mounted directly to the wall. They often available in many wonderful options and are available in a various different finishes. However their ability to move and change direction is limited.
  • Handheld types of shower heads’ ability to move the shower head anywhere the user want make them great choice, especially if you have young children, injured or disabled users and pets.

low flow high pressure shower head

Things To Consider When Purchasing 1.5 gpm Shower Head

Determine whether you need a single shower head or shower head system. Single shower heads are the most economical option and easy to use while shower systems offer an adjustable shower head plus in combination with a handheld shower head; therefore it gives you maximum shower options. The shower head finish must also take into consideration. 1.5 gpm shower head are available in a huge number of finishes such as nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed stainless, pewter, etc. Organized the finishes of shower head and other features in your bathroom will help in providing a unified look all over the space.

There are plenty of shower head style you can choose; from traditional to modern, from contemporary to rustic – the styles available are endless. Find something that integrates the general atmosphere of your bathroom for an organized look or go for something unique if you like an eclectic look. Often, when choosing a shower head, the number of features and options can be overwhelming and basically the more options, the higher the price. Choose the basic options of shower head and don’t worry about other options. The basic shower head features typically include rain showers, multi spray and massage settings.

How you interact with your bathroom determines the right shower head you should choose. With countless options made available, it is necessary to first learn the different types of bathroom shower heads. For example rain shower heads add luxury to your bathrooms but never used as the main shower head, therefore add in rain shower heads into your master bathroom suite that has a heavy water pressure to make shower fixtures within the space work properly. Regarding so many options available, you should wisely choose the 1.5 gpm shower head and add beauty and luxury into your bathroom design.

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