Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet Seat

Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet is a great product to complete your bathroom. It amazing designs and very functional features will add a special touch to the whole bathroom interior. In addition to, when it comes to choosing Kohler toilet seat, you have also many options to choose from. However, there are plenty different factors to consider when choosing a toilet seat such as shape, style, material and mounting option – they are the main considerations. Whether you choose oval or round toilet seat, made of wooden or plastic – the Kohler toilet seat should complement the bathroom decor.

kohler 1.6 gallon toilet

Factors That Should Take Into Account When Choosing Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet Seat

  • Before you purchase for toilet seats, find out whether the toilet you have has an elongated toilet bowl or round toilet bowl so you can shop accordingly. Toilet seats are not available in sizes, they come in shapes that match the shapes of toilet bowl – and there are two different shapes of toilet seat: elongated toilet seats and round toilet seats. Elongated toilet seats have a long oval shape and are somehow more popular than round toilet seats, which are still the standard toilet seat shapes in most homes.

kohler 1.6 gallon toilet seat

  • Determine the material of Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet seat you want; whether it is wood, plastic or a cushioned seat. Toilet seat that made of high-impact plastic is the most available product in the market, and are available in white and pastel colors. This type of plastic toilet seats can be felt very cold when central air is running or in winter, and it is typically to show marks from cleaning. Toilet seats that made of plastic coating over composite wood also quite popular, but even though natural wood is warmer, it prone to be damaged or stained by cleaners. Cushioned toilet seats are soft and nice yet prone to crack and split eventually. Consider purchasing a heated toilet seat if warmth is your big concern.
  • Choose a mount type you need.Determine whether you need an integral bolt and nut mount or a conventional bolt and nut mount. Integral bolt and nut mounts look better in the beginning yet it can be very frustrating when you need to remove it since you must drill out the nut to remove the seat. Conventional bolt and nut mounts are still the standard for most toilet seats and also they are easier to use.
  • Decide the seat style your bathroom design; whether it is modern and sleek modern or traditional and comfy, you need to find the perfect one for your toilet.

Think About Having A Padding For Your Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet

For family member that is childbirth or is recovering from surgery, a soft toilet seat is more comfortable, but it can make a difficult transfer to and from wheelchairs or shower benches. Therefore, you may want to consider a firmer seat.  Soft Kohler 1.6 Gallon Toilet seats are more preferable over the typical hard ones since padded toilet seats are warmer and more comfortable than regular ones.

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