How to Finish a Basement Floor Properly

If you have a sticky situation over How to Finish a Basement Floor, consider using an epoxy paint finish. It is the best and the most inexpensive way to finish your basement floor among other flooring options available such as carpeting, tiles, linoleum, etc. When choosing for basement floor finish, consider its functionality and durability. These are two important factors due to the threat of wetness on the floor – whether the place you live and how well the soil drains water from the foundation footing, wetness on the floor is always a potential problem for any basement. Not to mention that home appliances sometimes discharge their fluid contents onto carpet or fine wooden floor. In order to solve this problem, here is some consideration on How to Finish a Basement Floor.

how to finish a basement floor

How to Finish a Basement Floor; Consider Moisture and Humidity

Finishing a Basement Floor?  Basement floor is the lowest surface in your house therefore it needs more considerations before installing a basement floor. If your basement has been suffering from flooding and water infiltration, you must remedy those problems first before flooring is installed. In order to seal basement floor from water and moisture infiltration, you may have to spend between a few hundred dollars to a several thousand dollars or more. Other concerns of basement flooring are humidity and condensation. Moist causes humid air to be heavy and tends to flow to the basement as the lowest part of your house. In the basement, warm and humid air contacts with cool concrete slab floor surfaces and then condenses. Always check condensation during warm and humid months to make sure that basement flooring remains stable and is prevented from growth of mold and mildew. For a healthy basement environment, set a heating and cooling system that is equipped with a dehumidifier; it will maintain the level of relative humidity between 30% and 60%.  A portable plug-in dehumidifier unit with RH level monitor for single room costs about $200.

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Level Floor Surfaces

How To Finish A Basement Floor? It is very important to inspect existing concrete basement floor to find noticeable flaws which need adjustments to make. Otherwise the basement floor finish and its aesthetic appeal may be damaged or affected. Fill small cracks with a sealant made particularly for concrete. You can buy it at home improvement stores for about $4 to $10 for a 10-ounce tube. For low spots, you can fill it with compound you can purchase for about $30 for a 50 lb. bag from home improvement stores, while for high spots, you may need to rent concrete sander for about $60 to $80 per day.

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To create a smooth, level floor surface, use tile backer-board as a subfloor over your basement slab. Tile backer-board is made from cement or gypsum and can be glued down or hold in place using concrete nails.  When you have fixed all potential moisture-related problems and create a smooth level surface, you will have a lot of flooring options for your basement from carpeting, ceramic tile, and vinyl, engineered wood to laminate or concrete flooring. Now, you have more information on How To Finish A Basement Floor.

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