Koehler Toilets Buying Guide

Why do you have to buy Koehler Toilets? Toilet is one of the most important items in your house. When choosing a toilet, you should not only consider the color and price, but also how much water the toilet uses and how well it flushes. A good toilet preserves water and should be able to clean the bowl in a single flush. Koehler Toilets offer high-performance that fit your budget and your bathroom.

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Koehler Toilets; How to Choose a Toilet

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, changing a broken toilet or replacing old toilet to a new water saving model, Koehler Toilets offers a wide range of models so that you can find the right toilet for your bathroom and your need. This toilets buying guide will explain about what features to consider when you are buying a toilet and also the technology that makes a toilet efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly.

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Select Flush Power

Before you are shopping for a new toilet, learn the most up-to-date advances that environment friendly toilets can do by saving water. This way, you can save money on sewer and water bills. A saving-water toilet can be considered from how much flush power you will need. Choose a toilet that flushes powerfully without clogging; therefore learn the toilet’s ability to resist clogging and remove waste is important. All of Koehler Toilets use 1.6 gallons of water to flush. If you have extra budget, you can purchase gravity-fed toilets that can run water from the tank into the bowl by creating a siphon that drains waste. For additional $100, you can also purchase pressure-assisted toilets that can compress air to push water and remove waste without noisy turbo-like force. Another water-saving option toilet is a dual-flush technology. Dual-flush buttons allow you choose a different flush for solid waste or liquid waste.

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Select Bowl Shape and Toilet Heights

Measure how much available space you have in the bathroom for Koehler Toilets. An elongated bowl will work great in a larger bathroom while round bowl toilet will fit into a smaller bathroom. Standard toilet sizes available are 14 to 17 inches but elongated bowls offer support for another 2 inches. Seat heights available are from 10 inches for kids and standard 14 to 15 inches for adults; while wheelchair-accessible is 17 inches. Nowadays a toilet edge that is about 3 or 4 inches higher than usual is becoming a trend because the additional rim offers a comfort so that makes it getting easier to on and off. Choose Koehler Toilets with comfort and space in mind.

Look for Extras

Koehler Toilets offer extras such as a flush valve, a built-in pump to increase water pressure and and a trap-way to clear the bowl quicker.

When shopping for a toilet, never assume that an expensive product guarantees a top performance. Among toilet models, Koehler Toilets top overall products are priced about in the middle in the group.

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