The Safest Way for Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

Do you need Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors? If you just painted your walls and ceiling, you may discover paint spots dropped on your hardwood floor or when you move carpeting to show the hardwood floors underneath, you sometimes find old residual evidence of that on your hardwood floors. Surely it is such a nightmare because you have to do extra job to clean them; but don’t sweat it because there is always a safe way to Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors.

removing paint from hardwood floors

Simple Techniques of Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

The key of Removing Paint is not to damage the wood. Therefore, you cannot use sanders or harsh chemicals to get an instant result otherwise you will only end up with calling in a professional to fix the damage. Use a method that is friendlier to hardwood floor. Here are a few ideas of simple Removing Paint techniques to try:

removing paint from hardwood floors without sanding

  • For paint spots that considered new, it is possible to be more workable than paint spots that have been dried on your hardwood floor for many years. A simple putty knife use gently back and forth should be able to lift the new paint spots.
  • Use a heat gun to Removing Paint. Heat will soften the paint and make it easier to lift up with a putty knife. Clean the area with a wet towel afterwards.
  • For latex-base paint spots, the use of mild cleaning agent such as dishwashing liquid that contains trisodium phosphate (TSP) that is dissolved in water is great to Removing Paint. Place the solution on the paint spots to remove them. However, be careful with the amount of water because excessive amount of water can cause permanent damage on hardwood floor.

Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors With Safe Chemicals

If the above methods are not effective for Removing Paint, then perhaps it is time to use chemicals. Begin with the least abrasive chemicals such as alcohol that is rubbed on hardwood floor. Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then rub it on hardwood floor to saturate the paint spots. Wipe the excess alcohol and paint carefully using putty knife and cloth. If alcohol is not available, you can also try Removing Paint from Hardwood using paint thinner, lacquer thinner or acetone – which are stronger chemicals. In this case, it is wise for you to wear a face mask and make sure that the working area has good ventilation to avoid health damage due to chemicals that coincidently inhaled.

If available in the paint stores nearby, you can try using paint removal products which are particularly made for hardwood floors. Nevertheless this type of chemicals may affect your hardwood floor finish; therefore read the all warnings on product label to prevent further damages; if possible, it may be necessary to call in a professional service for Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors  using paint removal products.

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