Decorated Dorm Rooms Ideas

Decorated Dorm Rooms comes with its own challenges that can leave the most experienced decorator puzzled. If you are heading off to college this fall, you are most likely anxious about whether you are going to settle in and create your dorm room space. Unfortunately, like in any dorm, you will have a half of the room and your roommate will have the other half, therefore you will have to limit décor plans to your half of the room.

decorated dorm rooms

The walls in dorm room probably are made of concrete and will be unsightly – and the worst is that you may not allow painting it. Check with your dorm advisor for that. The floors are usually unsightly as well. In spite of all of this, college is great place, so don’t be on pins and needles it! Instead, you can attempt these great Decorated Dorm Rooms ideas.

college dorm room ideas

Decorated Dorm Rooms; Set Up Privacy

Living in the dorms means you will have less privacy and half the fun. But everyone needs their personal space once in a while, and this is where room dividers take place. Room dividers are a great way to Decorated Dorm Rooms and complement its décor while set your space apart every time you need it. Of course you have to talk to your roommate first before you purchase room dividers.

Adjusting to college life is challenging enough but leaving your parents’ comfortable home for a cold, drab dormitory room with two beds and boring furniture, cold floors and plain walls may shock you. But, those are things of the past; now you can have Decorated Dorm Rooms with great design concepts that fit your budget. If you cannot fit a sofa in your room, get a comfy chair. If you cannot set up a hanging lamp, use cool decorative lamp. If you cannot paint the wall, use posters or funky artwork.

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Decorated Dorm Rooms Elements

Use L-shapes couches or sofa beds give you alternatives in a small space. Consider adding a reasonably priced attic area using plywood that can support bedding and boards though it takes a little more work; it is not hard at all to attach them to the wall. As a result, you will have more area for a living room-like. Lights are a smart way to dramatically change the tone of a room. Purchase inexpensive nice lamps or a plug-in pendant. You can also buy table top dimmers for less $15 to add an extra touch. Find decorative lamps at you’ll like a yard sale, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Ikea or other similar stores.

Cheer up the cold floor using a thin laminate that remains to itself than the floor. As an alternative, you can search for an area rug that is pleasing to the eye to give the room a homey feeling. Instead of hanging photos to your wall or picture frames in your limited space of dorm room, you can take your favorite picture in a larger than poster size to make a strong statement of Decorated Dorm Rooms.

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