Can I Use Steam Mops for Laminate Floors Cleaning?

Steam Mops for Laminate Floors is the type of steam cleaning machines that is safe to use on laminate floor. Steam cleaning is typically not recommended by manufacturer to clean laminate floor because this heavy-duty machines may damage it, while steam mop is more recommended because it uses steam in a very small amount and will not soak the laminate floors. Laminate floors are vulnerable to moisture, particularly hot moisture from steam cleaner machine. Using the wrong steam cleaner machine on laminate floors will cause a permanent damage to the material after several usages.

steam mops for laminate floors

Are Steam Mops For Laminate Floors Safe?

Laminate floor is made by a number of compressed layers that creates a durable fade resistant and stain resistant surface. Though the top protecting laminate floor layer is really durable, it could be damaged or scratched over time with the use of harsh cleansers. Therefore, there are certain cleaners types that should not be used on laminate flooring as they will cause permanent damage to the material. Always follow manufacturer warnings to avoid the problem.

can you use a shark steamer on laminate floors

Using steam cleaners for laminate flooring is not recommended because the excess moisture can cause laminate floor to warping. Once it is warping or damaged by water, it is difficult – even impossible for laminate flooring to repair. The right way to clean laminate flooring on a regular basis is by using a dry broom or vacuum cleaner with retractable brushes. Occasional damp mopping is advised yet excess moisture must immediately be dried up. For damp mopping, use a special formulated cleaner and stain removal for laminating floor.

How To Use Steam Mops For Laminate Floors

Steam Mops For Laminate Floors is considered to be ideal cleaning technique because it uses only water. When using a Steam Mops For Laminate Floors, first, you have to fill water into the container. Plug it in and wait for the mop to heat up indicated by a little light. Turn it on and mop over the laminate surface until all surfaces are completely clean. Replace the microfiber mop head once it has become dirty.

You can purchase Steam Mops from home improvement stores or hardware stores. To ensure that you do not buy a wrong product, consider purchasing Steam Mops directly from a manufacturer. Always ask the sales representative whether the steam mop is designed to use on laminate floors and. Check the owner’s manual of steam cleaner product to learn whether it is allowed to use on laminate floors, and double check it to confirm.

Laminate flooring is actually low maintenance and scratch resistant but it doesn’t mean they are un-damageable or scratch proof. You still need to take precautions to keep your laminate floors looking new and scratch-free such as not using regular floor cleaners, always wipe up water and other spills immediately, never applying floor wax, using area rugs if possible, avoid wearing high heels or heavy-soled shoes, do not drag furniture across laminate floor and using Steam Mops For Laminate Floors to clean and make the floor looks always shiny and brand new.

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