Tips on DIY Painting Linoleum Floors

Painting Linoleum Floors is a great and an inexpensive way to renew the existing kitchen floor. If you plan to update your kitchen floor with a minimum budget, then you can opt for this method. Painting Linoleum Floors is an easy DIY project; almost everyone can do it in a weekend. The best of all is that the paint allows you to opt for a décor that fits your kitchen and make it look brand new.

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Step By Step On DIY Painting Linoleum Floors

Here is how to DIY Painting Linoleum Floors and also a few tips on decorating ideas:

  • Measure the kitchen which floor you want to paint and purchase a larger size of linoleum than the room’s dimensions. Don’t worry about the linoleum pattern because you will paint it on the back. Therefore, check the back of linoleum to ensure it has no cracks or scratches.

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  • Clean the floor surfaces well to remove dirt and grease.
  • Sand linoleum floor lightly. This step will allow the paint to properly adhere and ensure its durability. After all of the linoleum floor surfaces have been sanded, clean it again to ensure that all dust is removed. Dirt will be visible through the paint and the floor looks chunky.
  • After the sanding process is finished, you are ready to Painting Linoleum Floors with oil base paint primer. You actually opt for a water base paint primer, but an oil base paint primer helps your work to last. When your painted linoleum floor is ready to use, you will be cleaning it and mopping it on a regular basis and oil resists water, and that is why it is advised to use oil base paint primer.

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  • Paint the base coat to Painting Linoleum Floors. After it dries you can add different designs to create the look you want in the linoleum floors. Take ideas from interior magazines; circles, diamond patterns, imitation tile looks or a faux painted are great ideas for your linoleum floors. Makes sure that the Painting Linoleum Floors color theme matches your existing furniture.
  • When applying design with stencil paint, first wet the brush in the paint and then rid excess paint onto a paper towel. It will make sure that you have applied the right amount of paint during the stencil process.
  • When the base paint coat and added designs have completely dried, you can start to Painting Linoleum Floors. You will need to apply at least three layers of oil base clear coat for the floor to to look great for as long as possible. If you have the time, it is recommended to apply at least three varnish coats on the floor. Allow each clear coat layer to dry before you start to paint the next layer.
  • When all layers have dried, leave your painted linoleum floor for about a week before you put furniture back or walk on it. This is called a curing period. After a week, you can enjoy your Painting Linoleum Floors work!

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