How to Paint Formica Cabinets for Your Kitchen

How to Paint Formica Cabinets? If you are tired of your Formica kitchen cabinets’ look and you have no budget available to replace them, then you should learn to Paint Formica Cabinets and give them a fresh new look. Painting Formica kitchen cabinet is an inexpensive way to give a kitchen a whole new look. However, you must know that painting over a Formica cabinet is tricky due to its slippery surface so that paint is difficult to stick to it. Here’s How To Paint Formica Cabinets.

how to paint formica cabinets

How to Paint Formica Cabinets? Learn About the Material First

Formica has a non-porous and smooth surface that you cannot just brush a coat of paint on. Normally a coat of paint will be difficult to evenly spread and when it is dry, it will peel off. To avoid this problem, there are steps to Paint Formica Cabinets you should take. The effort to prepare Formica kitchen cabinets to be ready for painting is actually not difficult, but it is time-consuming. Nevertheless the results are worth it.

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How to Paint Formica Cabinets?

The best ways to paint over Formica kitchen cabinets are explained below:

  • Take all the hardware out from the kitchen cabinets and remove cabinet doors as well. This will make them easier to work with.
  • Clean the cabinets thoroughly from dirt, grease, debris and build up with a mixture of one cup of ammonia and a gallon of warm water. Rinse off any residue from the cleanser. Allow the kitchen cabinets to dry.
  • Sand the surfaces of Formica kitchen cabinet with fine sandpaper. If you have one, use an electric sander. Make sure to sand all the kitchen cabinets’ surfaces thoroughly and evenly until it feels slightly grainy. Sanding the surface well will make it rougher for the paint to adhere to. Spots on Formica kitchen cabinets that are not sanded well enough won’t take paint well, and the paint can be easily scratched.
  • Wear a disposable respirator when doing it and work outside if possible. If you are working inside, cover the doorways with plastic so that sanding dust doesn’t go all over your house. When you finish it, clean dust from the sanding off the kitchen cabinet surfaces with a damp cloth. Wipe down the kitchen cabinets thoroughly using a rag and remove all traces of sanding dust.
  • Apply two to three coatings of a good quality paint primer to all the kitchen cabinet surfaces; consider using a shellac varnish formula primer for the best result. You will need ammonia or denatured alcohol for this, but it will restore in about one hour and paint over it will only need about one week to dry. Quite the opposite, if you use water based paint over water based paint primer, it will need about a month to dry.
  • Apply about one or two coats of paint. Use roller or a paint pad than with a brush for better results. Now you have a fresh updated look of your Formica kitchen cabinet by following tips on How To Paint Formica Cabinets.
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