Painted Cement Floors for Your Home

Painted Cement Floors can brighten up your home. Many homes usually have cement floors for the basement or garage. The gloomy-boring-gray appearance of cement floor often makes them forgotten rooms in your home. Adding a coat of paint to the cement floor on basement or garage can make them look brand new. Painted Cement Floors is something worth trying.

painted cement floors

Painted Cement Floors; The Process

  • For Painted Cement Floors, use a paint that is specifically intended for cement floor. Don’t opt for standard interior paint or deck paint because they are intended for wood, not cement. Purchase a premium flat latex paint for your cement floor. The area gets a lot of traffic therefore you should use the best quality paint to make sure that it will last a long time.
  • Check if the floor needed a prepping process before it is Cement floor needs to be totally dry before it is painted; therefore check if there is moisture and run a dehumidifier to solve the moisture problem. Also check if the floor needs to be buffed with sandpaper to remove glue from the previous tiles and prepare a floor for the primer to adhere to.

painting cement floors inside

  • Apply two coats of paint primer. Use a roller to apply a cement primer. Use primer paint particularly designed for cement floors and is important for the top coat to adhere to the cement. It acts like a glue that attaches to cement and lets the epoxy topcoat to stick. After paint primer dry for a minimum of 24 hours, apply the epoxy. Start from around the perimeter using a paint brush and then at the rest of the room with a roller. Wait no less than 12 hours for the first coat to dry before applying a second layer.
  • Let the floor dry for at least 72 hours as the directions on the paint can, but for the best result, leave the floor for about one week before placing furniture on. This is to avoid the risk as the floor surface is typically easy to scratch.

painting concrete floors ideas

Painted Cement Floors; Tips for Undertaking The Cement Painting Process

  • Check if the cement floor is damp or has If so, call a professional help to solve the water seepage problem.
  • Clean the cement thoroughly to remove grease on the floor.
  • Sand off any bumpy stuff, such as paint residue or glue, with a hand sander and sandpaper
  • Repair any cracks and holes with cement and then let it dry completely
  • If you have one, use paint compressor to paint on.
  • Use your imagination and create geometric shapes, faux stone or faux tile look or even a faux yellow brick road.
  • Apply two coats sealer with a nap roller.
  • Now you have a beautiful Painted Cement Floors – permanent and colorful!

One more tip to share here; in the winter time place some beautiful soft rugs around! Your Painted Cement Floors may be wonderful, but it will be cold on your toes!

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