Onyx Shower Base for Your Bathroom

Onyx Shower Base is a beautiful stand alone shower foundation. Shower base is the bottom of the shower that contains the drain that takes the used water out to the sewage system. Onyx Shower Base can be installed directly on the subflooring on your bathroom floor. The installation process requires some basic tools and takes time that ranges between five hours and a day or more. If your home is an older home, it probably needs another layer of mortar to add strength to support the shower base – however it depends on how strong and stable the floor is. In most new homes, another mortar layer will not be needed.

onyx shower base

Onyx Shower Base and Other Materials for Shower Base

Bathrooms are the most improved rooms in the home that are able to provide the best return of investment. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you can try the quickest way to change the bathroom interior– which is to add a stand-alone shower. To do this, first you have to choose a shower base material that suits your preference; e.g. Onyx Shower Base.

standard shower base sizes

Shower bases are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes; you can also purchase a custom made shower base if you wish, but of course, it will cost more. The shower base is also available in different materials such as Onyx, acrylic shower base, fiberglass shower base, tile shower base, stone resin shower base, corian shower base, copper shower base, cultured stone shower base and many others. So which material should you choose for your shower base? When you are choosing for a shower base, consider you needs, budget and the shower base visual appeal. For example, an Onyx Shower Base can complement the rest of the bathroom, and if you use a clear shower door, that shower base will be visible to everyone who visits your bathroom!

onyx shower installation

Tips on Installing Onyx Shower Base

  • Check the bathroom floor to make sure it is stable, flat and have no gaps or sags. If you find unlevel surfaces, mix a batch of thin mortar and then spread it in one inch layer over the floor and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Replace the current shower base with Onyx Shower Base and nailing it into the floor joists.
  • Apply silicone waterproof sealant around the bottom flange of drain. Put it into the drain opening in the shower Base and tauten the locking nut on the drain pipe base with pliers.
  • Apply adhesive waterproof sealant to the bottom of shower base. Place it in shower area. Make it parallel so there is a little gap between the shower base walls and the enclosing studs.
  • Once you have finished the installation process, leave the installed shower base for a few hours before you use it for the first time. Now your bathroom has a highlighted spot that will attract people who visit your bathroom. Onyx Shower Base is really a great way to give a little different touch to the whole bathroom interior theme.
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