What’s Your Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas?

During red ribbon week, are you looking for Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas? In 1988, red ribbon week was brought nationally. It is intended to point school children away from drugs and is celebrated each year on the last week of October. Red ribbon door decoration competitions are usually held as a part of this event. Red ribbon decoration of classroom doors is a popular way to support children to avoid drugs. Nevertheless, due to its beauty, red ribbon can be used to decorate many other events. Here are some Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas to consider.

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Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas and Activities

Children hand and foot trace is a great way for school children to get involved in their classroom door decorating. Ask the children to trace their hands and feet on a paper then cut them out and attach them on the classroom door along with a slogan of anti drugs movement they can create together.  Another Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas and activity that is great for older children is interactive writing. Every child should write about what being drug free means or how to be drug free, etc. They can also draw a picture for their writing. These responses and pictures can be an amazing door or walls decoration.

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Various Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas for Special Events

Beautiful red ribbon can be used to decorate an external or internal door. Red color represents not only love, but also enigmatic of trustworthiness and remembrance. Many people ignore the door as a decoration spot, but actually a door is a great canvas to celebrate big events. Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas in a sentimental design touch is really perfect for celebrating many different occasions in life such as the Valentine’s Day or as Christmas decoration.

There are a lot of Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can put red ribbon and heart shape white paper on the door, either indoors or outdoors. Purchase big red bows 5 inches or more in diameter from dollar stores. Look for a bobbin of red ribbon that matches the color and texture of the bow, or other colors in the red family such as purple or pink. Place the bows on the door and cut ribbon in various different lengths to put under the bows.

Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas for Christmas decorations are also countless. Since red is the color of Christmas, red ribbon door decoration is perfect for the occasion. Tie up the door with red ribbon as a big present to let your guesses and onlookers see that the spirit of Christmas behind your door. Get about 6 inches wide of plastic ribbon to be visible from the street. Use a big door garland as gift bow of the door instead of a tied ribbon bow.

Decorating a locker door for someone special is really great thing to do. You can get Red Ribbon Door Decorating Ideas to decorate a school chum’s personal locker on her birthday or other special day.

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