Laundry Room Paint Colors Tips

Laundry Room Paint Colors can change your mood, especially when it comes to dirty laundry. You might not be someone who loves doing the laundry as a household duty, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a laundry room with a decorative touch. Laundry room is not the most interesting room in the house, but there is no reason why it can’t be one of the most decorative areas in your home.  You can create a new space that is pleasing to the eye and make you wish to do laundry every day.

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Go With Your Favorite Laundry Room Paint Colors

You can begin decorating your laundry room by choosing your favorite paint colors for your room design. There are no rules for the choice 0f Laundry Room Paint, but the most common colors to use in a laundry room are yellows or dark browns. When choosing colors, you should consider the area and layout of your laundry room. A laundry room can be an area in home that creates a style statement as well as being functional.

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If you have a dark laundry room, choose light and bright paint color that won’t clash with the color of existing cabinets, countertops and appliances. Choose yellow, bright white, sky blue or sand colors as the Paint Colors to naturally lighten a dark room. If you have a laundry room that get enough natural or artificial light sources, you can paint it with more dramatic colors; however consider the color of existing cabinets, countertops and appliances before you choose wall color for your laundry room. You can choose a dramatic theme color, such as an autumn red with white trim or dark brown with sand color trim. If you don’t like using too much color, paint one side of laundry room wall in a bold color and the rest of the wall in a calmer color. A laundry room with a door that separates it from other rooms provides a palette of choice. Choose bold and bright Laundry Room Paint Colors and make it an enjoyable room to be in.

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Tips for Laundry Room Paint Colors

Tips#1: Consider the Appliances

Choose Laundry Room Paint Colors based on the planned or current laundry appliances. If the appliances are in classic white theme, you will have more options. On the contrary, a set of trendy appliances in bright colors will limit your paint color options.

Tips#2: Consider Location

If your laundry room is in the basement with no windows or no access of natural light, then you need a lighter color to keep it bright. If your laundry room is in an area that receives enough natural light, you can choose a more intense color.

Tip #3:  Use Extra Paint on Room’s Accessories

Choosing the right Colors doesn’t mean it can be used only on the walls.  You can have shelves, laundry hamper and wicker basket in cheerful paint colors such as green, yellow, blue, red and purple. Additionally, you can paint windowsills or wooden trim to accentuate your Laundry Room Paint Colors.

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