Tips on How to Strip Paint from Wood

How to Strip Paint from Wood? Not everyone take stripping wood is a home improvement task. Some people enjoy painted wood, but some others love the natural wood beauty and prefer a stain. Older homes look more interesting and unique in their woodwork, but it is also possible that the previous owners decided to paint for some reasons such as they didn’t like the bare wood. If you choose to have a home with a more natural look, here are some tips on How to Strip Paint to help you:

how to strip paint from wood

How to Strip Paint from Wood Tips

Tips#1 Preparation

Before stripping paint from wood, firstly, you will have to prepare the area and get all of the tools needed. Stripping paint is a horribly messy task and can be dangerous. If you live in an older house, you also put yourself at risk of being exposed by lead paint. Therefore, you have to do it properly.

how to remove paint from wood trim

Tips #2 Gathering Tools

To strip paint, you need the right and complete tools such as a scraper, which is a flat blade with a handle. Some scrappers available in the market have flat rectangular piece of metal and some others have small pointed areas. You can choose them depending on the type of work you are doing. If you are doing a lot of trimming, you should use a blade with the point, whereas if it’s flat, a flat blade should be useful. Additionally, you need thick leather gloves, eyeglasses, drop cloths (it is better to use canvas than plastic), some tape and paint stripper. Stripping paint is not a quick job, the length of time to finish paint strip depends on the size of the area; it can be several days to several months.

Tips #3 Cover Wall Areas

Cover the wall areas you don’t remove paint from with tape. Unless you can safely remove the woodwork from the walls, you can skip this step. However it usually is easier to remove it in place. Put drop cloths and wear your gloves and long sleeve clothing. This protection from the stripper is need because the process is very caustic.

how to strip paint from wood furniture

Tips #4 Test the Paint Stripper Out

The stripping process depends on the type of stripper to use; there are some types that work within 15 minutes. It is recommended to use the most powerful stripper available. But you also need to be advised to test the paint stripper first by getting a small drop on your hand. If you feel it burning before it drop there, then the stripper is very powerful. Be careful, Paint stripper is a chemical designed to eat paint. The more powerful a paint stripper is, the more caustic it will be. Make sure that you have immediately removed all rags and store the paint stripper outside since it could unexpectedly combust. Wear eye protection when opening the can because the fumes can go out of the can too fast and create a mist that may fly into your eyes and could cause permanent blindness. Follow step by step How to Strip Paint from Wood carefully.

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