What to Know About Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan

Among many options available, Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan is one indispensable item when it comes to bathroom furnishing. When installed properly, shower pan composes a shower floor and directs water into the drain. Some shower pans are built from synthetic materials such as acrylic and fiberglass and they are sturdy, durable and waterproof materials. Other shower pans are possible to place tile over so that you have more decoration options. However, enameled Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan is a fantastic addition to your bathroom renovations choices.

kohler cast iron shower pan

Installing Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan

The installation process of Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan or replacing the current one with shower pan from Kohler usually runs about 4 to 6 hours by a professional handyman; the job includes plumbing, lighting, etc. Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan consists of the pan itself and drains assembly. The central part of the drain is a chrome-plated ring that tightened into a waterproof gasket on top and a metal gasket underneath. These assembly parts make sure that water is shed into the drainpipe directly and prevent it from leaks around the shower pan hole. The strainer keeps large objects from falling into the drainpipe and it is the last part to install.

kohler cast iron shower pan reviews

Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan Models

  • The Salient  is available in 20 colors of standard bathtubs sized, 60 x 30 inches with either left or right drain center. This model price starts at $640.
  • The Kathryn  is a simple and sleek model of shower pan that will add beauty to your shower area. Available in seven colors of 48 x 36 inches shower pan size, this model cost begins at $850.
  • The Purist  available in 19 colors of 48 x 36 inches and they are nice looks. The prices of this shower pan model begin at $850.

kohler cast iron shower pan reviews

Shower pan sizing should be your attention. If you have the space, it is better to get at minimum shower pan size that is 48 inches wide and 36 inches deep and, 36 inches depth for elbow room and width for stretch room. If you plan to install glass doors, choosing 60 x 30 inches Kohler  Shower Pan doesn’t sound like a good idea unless if the shower pan is open to the rest of the bathroom area, like in a spa. Shower pan in 30 inches is good for bathtub with a shower curtain as you still have stretch room for your arms and elbows. Therefore, if you plan for shower with a glass doors, go for shower pan in 36 inches depth so that you can really truly linger dreaminess in the shower.

One reason many people have ended up with Kohler Shower Pan is that the brand offers more sizes. If you don’t want to go for unglazed tiles, Kohler Cast Iron Shower Pan models, particularly Purist and Kathyrn, are many people’s top choices for shower pans.

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