How to Build a Shower Bench Seat

How to Build a Shower Bench? When you build or remodel a shower, you may want to include a shower bench for conveniences. In building a shower bench, think about it just as an elevated part of the shower pan that should have water and drain. If you have basic carpentry knowledge and want to know how to Build a Shower Bench, this article may help you.

how to build a shower bench

How To Build a Shower Bench : Step By Step

Step #1. When the basic shower area has been designed and built, decide the shape, size, height and the place for the shower bench. Also, decide what the mortar bed height will be at the bench location and add the mortar bed height to the bench finished height you desire. For example, if you decide that the mortar bed is 2 ½ inches at the shower outer edge in which the 20 inch of shower bench is located, then the shower bench should be about at 22 ½ inches.

better bench for shower

Step #2. Frame out the bench with a slight slope for water to run off. Deduct ¾ inch from the height of the framed bench for plywood rough top. Additionally, deduct ½ inch from the height of the framed bench for tile backer board.

how to build a shower bench seat

Step #3. When you finish frame the bench, you can start to install the plywood rough top. After it finished, install the moisture proofing along the shower bottom and also along the shower bench top. The shower bench has just been high part of the shower pan.

Step #4. Install the backer board all through the shower, begin from the bottom up, this way the upper parts will overlap the lower parts on the bench. After it finished, you can begin to prepare for tile installation.

Step #5. For tile installation, first coat the backer boards with mortar, then put on the ceramic tiles. Let them set for at least 48 hours before you smooth it into the seams using mixture of grout and a sponge. After about half of an hour, using a clean sponge, wipe the tiles until they are clear. If you use granite or marble for the shower bench seat, a backer board on top is not needed. You can simply spread out mortar over the plywood sub-seat and then place granite or marble into it.

how to build a shower bench easily

Tips on How to Build a Shower Bench Seat

A shower bench seat is a perfect addition to your bathroom. After a long day at work, you can sit back and relax on the shower bench seat and enjoy the hot spray. You can also use shower bench seat to put bath items so you can easily reach them. Bench showers seat is best if it is in rectangular shape. The perfect shower bench should be 30 inches wide minimum and 48 inches length minimum. You can add beauty with decorative trim that provides a permanent shower bench. Build A Shower Bench that won’t grow mildew and mold on the inside will be the best option to build. By following how to Build a Shower Bench, you will have a perfect shower bench and never have to worry anymore about falling through the shower bench seat.

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