Some Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Don’t have Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms? This article may help you. Your home may be ideal for your family and still gets room to grow. But suppose you have one room that doesn’t have room to grow and it happen to be the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom where barely a room for a toilet and a sink without a place to store extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, let alone magazines, you may need Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms.

bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms

What Is Your Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms?

  • If you have a bathroom that is short on storage space, you will want Bathroom Storage Ideas to store those bathroom essentials. Consider small shelves above the toilet. They are inexpensive and don’t need much skill to set it up – yet, they usually fit perfectly in the space available. This sort of shelves is just enough room for an extra toilet paper and probably an air freshener.

bathroom storage decor

  • To make your bathroom looks more spacious, you can consider a sink with a cabinet underneath instead of using a pedestal sink. Pedestal sink may add the show value of your home, but it is not practical. A sink with a cabinet underneath is a great Bathroom cabinet Ideas that can dramatically increase the storage space.
  • One of fashionable Bathroom Storage Ideas is place a small wooden or wicker basket with a lid on top of your toilet tank. It can be use for towels, extra toilet paper, or a couple of feminine hygiene products. Choose a tall, narrow basket so that it will not hang over the toilet edge and look overwhelming.

bathroom storage cabinets

  • Mirrored cabinet is also great ideas For Small Bathrooms. Small bathrooms don’t have all the room required, therefore consider replacing a flat mirrored cabinet – the one that store a medicine cabinet. You can find mirrored cabinet at your local hardware store at a reasonable price. You also don’t need professional handy-man to install it. Mirrored cabinet can add space for toothbrushes, children’s hair ties, medications and vitamins without scarifying any floor space.

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Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Although bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it stores many stuff. The challenge of having a small bathroom is how to fit everything in and keep stuff from getting messy. Here is some creative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms:

  • If your small bathroom happens to have high ceilings, you can add a shelf to store extra toiletries.
  • Towel nook adds fun element of surprise as it can display your towels artfully; this way you won’t need a linen closet at all.
  • A clear shoe organizer on the back of the door can be a brilliant Bathroom cabinet Ideas For Small Bathrooms if you cannot add shelves.
  • Well-placed hooks, pullout drawers, built-in niches, etc will create a large bathroom look despite its small space.

There are many more Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms to help you maximize a small bathroom with smart storage solutions.

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