Cute and Fun Turtle Themed Baby Shower

Turtle Themed Baby Shower is perfect for celebrating your unborn baby boy. Cute turtles theme in blue or green color represents the color of the ocean. Blue is the color that represents the coming of a new baby boy, and green matches the ocean theme.

turtle themed baby shower

Turtle Themed Baby Shower Meals

You can use these colors for your Turtle Themed and apply the color in decorations, invitations and especially in the foods and particularly desserts. Blue Turtle Themed Baby Shower desserts can be cakes with blueberries on top or cakes in blueberry flavored. It can also include blueberry pies, blueberry soups and blueberry gratin. Other desserts ideas are cakes and cookies with blue frosting in turtle shapes.

turtle baby shower ideas

A blue turtle diaper cake will be your favorite. You can put a bottle of wine inside the diaper cake as a base for the cake. You can also make adorable turtle sugar mini cookies and put them inside Chinese favor boxes. If possible, choose favor boxes with printed cartoon turtle image in blue and green colors. Design turtle cookies to match the color scheme, put in the favor box and tie it with a blue ribbon, and voila! You have a perfect little favor.

cute turtle baby shower decorations

Make common food meals like turtle-shape pizza, turtle sloppy joes, and turtle chips with dip. Finger sandwiches with cucumber chive spread or sundried tomato goat cheese that are cut into turtle shape. Chocolate turtle candies are great for sweet treat and more importantly they fit right into the Turtle Themed Baby Shower.

turtle baby shower invitations2

Turtle Themed Baby Shower Decoration And Others

Hang a baby clothes line on the mantle above the baby shower spot. Feature it in monogram items along with baby booties in turtle print and pacifiers. You can order initiation with Turtle Themed Baby Shower or make it yourself. Prepare game cards that are made from scrapbook paper, striped pencils with polka dot turtles on top make of feel and pop sickle sticks. Ice cucumber water and lime sherbet punch can be a very refreshing treat.

Turtle Themed Baby Shower for baby boy should include all of common activities that little boys usually love to do; for example, little boys usually like to play in the dirt and getting muddy. You can use the idea in the Turtle Themed Baby Shower deserts by creating turtle mud pies out of chocolate. You can also place candy turtle inside the chocolate.

Turtle Themed Baby Shower is only one of several ideas that matches the occasion. You can think of other common ideas like little boys dreams or what a little boy usually hope to grow up to become, it could be cowboys, policeman, firefighters, etc. Make foods and dessert such as cookies and cupcakes with frosting pictures of cowboy hats, horse, police badges or firemen hat and jacket on the surface of the treats. Apart from Turtle Themed Baby Shower, there are actually numerous of baby shower ideas you can choose for celebrating your unborn baby boy.

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