What Is The Best Product To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Are you looking for the Best Product To Clean Hardwood Floors? Hardwood floors require everyday maintenance. Many people think that this kind of floor are weaker than carpets, to gathering dust, dirt, hair or crumbs, but that is not all true. The fact is that you can easily identify these things on a hardwood floor than on a carpet. Therefore frequent maintenance and to Clean Hardwood Floors are needed.

best product to clean hardwood floors

Things to Notice When Looking for Best Product to Clean Hardwood Floors

There are numerous brands available for cleaning products; but you can put them into two categories. There are cleaners that are particularly designed for hardwood floors and cleaners you can use for multi-surfaces. Even though the label may mention “multi-surface” or ”all-purpose”,  not every cleaning product can be used on hardwood floors. Carefully read the cleaning product label that you intend to purchase to make sure that it can be used on hardwood floors. If you use a cleaning product that excludes wood, such as Pine-Sol, it will make your hardwood floor become discolored or dull. The great Product To Clean Hardwood Floors include Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner, Orange Glo Mop, and Murphy’s Oil Soap. Best floor cleaners for a variety of surfaces are Clorox Ready Mop, Swifter Wet Jet, and Method O-Mop.

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Best Product To Clean Hardwood Floors And Best Methods to Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Using a damp mop is the most effective and quickest way to clean hardwood floors. Make sure that you have removed dust, dirt and grit from the floor before mopping; dirt and grit can scratch or scour the hardwood floor finish. Use a vacuum cleaner or soft broom to remove these things and then mop and rinse hardwood floor. Repeat the process several times.

how to clean prefinished hardwood floors

Although there are a lot of floor cleaner available, but actually a neutral cleanser (with balance pH level) and water can effectively clean hardwood floors. However, you must ensure that the hardwood floor is properly sealed before mopping. Don’t use water if you find worn patches because liquid can go through the wood and cause warping.

Nowadays, most hardwood floors are usually finished using polyurethane surface finish that makes the hardwood floors look shiny and glossy. Another popular finish to use is penetrating seals surface finish that contains wax or oil that infiltrates the wood and protect from within. However, if you find that your floors still look dull after frequent cleaning, you can buff them with wax. Of course it is a quite tasking job to do, but the end result is worth it. To add a shine to the floors, you can also use a floor polish.

Many Best Hardwood Floor cleaner require effort and time to use. But actually, unlike carpeting, Hardwood floors are actually easy to keep clean and require minimum maintenance. This floor itself is already beautiful, and in order to make your house look beautiful and spacious, using Best Product To Clean Hardwood Floors with the right method can do the job well.

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