Great Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas

Need Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas? Bridal shower dessert is one fun theme for a bridal shower. The desserts you serve are usually sweet treats and drinks; cookies, cakes and many more. There are lots of great ideas you can choose as your bridal shower theme that includes at least one dessert for the party and it should have a “bridal” or “wedding” style to it.

bridal shower dessert ideas

Some Popular Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas

  • Idea #1. Symbolic Petit Fours are charming and elegant little desserts that are perfect for a bridal shower. Petit fours can be made and decorated a day in advanced for a perfect looking. The bride’s new initials or the couple’s name can be written with frosting tips on each petit fours.

bridal shower decoration ideas

  • Idea #2. Wedding Dress Cake is really matching with the whole theme. Make a standing cake with a wedding dress that stands vertically, then make a smaller bridesmaid dresses that also stand vertically and place them around the wedding dress. Add bridesmaid name on cake tags wedding dress cake can be customized with the colors that match of the actual wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Idea #3. Blooming Flower Cupcakes is also a great idea for bridal shower. Display them on a stand so it will appear like a flowery garden or a bouquet of flowers. Try different flowers designs and colors for additional fun.

bridal shower desserts

  • Idea #4. Champagne Toast Cookies is a brilliant dessert. Get some champagne glass cookie and cut them out then use frosting in each glass to create different color of drinks. Attach a bride name tag and the wedding date or a “thank you for coming” tag to make it fun desserts for bridal shower.
  • Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas #5. Edible Candy Ring and Case made of colored fondant is adorable. Use a truffle to fill for the ring and then add a candy ring in. All of these components take a lot of work, but they will be sweet bridal shower dessert that will be absolutely loved by everyone.

bridal shower cake ideas

Tips For Choosing Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas

If you are planning to have a bridal shower, you will want to make it special. For a perfect shower, you can follow some of these tips:

  • The bridal shower is the one wedding-related event that the bridesmaids and maid of honor are responsible for. The maid of honor usually takes the lead in organizing a bridal shower. Bridal shower is usually holds a month or two before the wedding.
  • If you plan to host a bridal shower at a function hall or a restaurant, entertain within your budget as guests are not supposed to pay their own way.
  • Make a list of everyone invited to the wedding, because they should also be invited to the bridal shower. Make sure that they RSVP by attach your contact number or email on the invitation.
  • Prepare music, games, gifts and everything that can entertain guests.
  • Decorate a special spot for the bride. Have a smaller version of a wedding cake made for the bridal shower. Prepare easy to make finger foods. Choose one of Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas that match the whole theme.
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