Bamboo Floors from Floor and Decor Clearwater

Floor and Decor Clearwater provides countless options for flooring. For example, if you are interested in installing bamboo floor, you can find a comprehensive product detail available at Floor and Decor Clearwater. As you know that bamboo floors are very popular due to their natural beauty, rigidity, water resistance and also fast production time – it will decorate any rooms and balances any style of your house; whether contemporary style or modern style, your home would stand out in a style.

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Tips To Accentuate Bamboo Floors from Floor and Decor Clearwater

  • To match the bamboo floor color scheme, first you need to paint the walls of the room in a color that coordinates with the theme you choose. If you are choosing light color from Floor And Decor Clearwater and using a contemporary theme, you need to paint the walls of the room in white or bold color like red, slate or lime green. Warm colors will highlight the natural warmth that the tropical bamboo floor displays. Hang artwork or pictures on the walls that match the color of the room. It is recommended to draw colors from your furniture. Use frames that go with the floor for an interrelated look. For instance, use pictures of the beach, ocean, or lighthouses for a marine-themed room. Modern or traditional rooms can use black and white pictures in wooden frames.

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  • In order to create a conversation grouping, a small carpet or rug can be placed where you plan to place your furniture. Choose a carpet or rug color that doesn’t compete with the color of floor and choose a carpet or rug design that complements the whole décor style. Arrange furniture on or off the carpet or rug. Use furniture, such as sofa and a coffee table, that strongly look a lot likes the color of the floors so that they won’t compete with the floor tone.

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  • Secure the room through accessories. Bamboo floor blinds and vases from Floor and Decor Clearwater can complement the floors. Potted trees or houseplants can highlight a tropical vibe. Use lights, candles, and floral arrangements that include colors find elsewhere in the room.
  • Bamboo floor is easy to maintain, but like other wooden material, it can scratch or dent. Sweep bamboo floor with a soft broom and mop with natural cleaners to keep its fresh look. To avoid scratches on the bamboo floors, steer clear of high-heeled shoes on bamboo floors, and keep your pet’s claws trimmed.Also avoid direct sunlight as it may cause the bamboo floor to become discolored.

Why You Should Jump On Board and Install Bamboo Floor from Floor and Decor Clearwater

As the most earth-friendly material, bamboo floor from Floor and Decor Clearwater contains adhesives with lower levels of formaldehyde since the material comes from managed forests. Bamboo floor looks great with characteristics such as knuckles and growth rings that will add texture to your floor and overall home décor. Bamboo flooring is very popular and receives a lot of attention from interior designers as a stylish and eco-friendly choice for flooring.  In fact, bamboo flooring is one of the best eco-flooring forms available. Therefore many people like to use bamboo floor from Floor and Decor Clearwater.

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