Why Choose Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring?

Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring is made of a completely renewable resource that harvested by peeling a tree bark. It is considered as a “green” material as it only uses the bark while the tree is left standing. The uncommonly thick bark contains countless of tiny air pockets in prism-shaped that create resilient cushiony surface of cork.

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How Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring Is used?

Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring which is manufactured into locking floating planks or glue-down tiles can be used for surface flooring. The locking floating planks consist of a cork sound insulation base layer, a high-density fiberboard core layer, a veneer cork surface layer and a prefinished coating. The glue down tiles consists of a cork base, a cork veneer pattern and a prefinished coating. The veneer surface layer is laminated to the core to produce a permanent bond and works by holding the pattern and color and the prefinished coating functions to increase durability and accelerate installation. Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring can also be used for subflooring materials with advanced qualities of vibration absorption. As a result, it has been redesigned as an exclusive material for surface with sound features that make it a perfect underlay.

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Benefits Of Using Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring

  • Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring has perfect durability and strength that makes it easy to use in high foot traffic areas. It is easily repairable and last for decades.
  • Moisture Resistance. Lumber Liquidator is greatly resistant to moisture infiltration. A natural waxy substance presents in it and helps prevent it from damage and decompose due to moisture.

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  • Noise Resistance. Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring can reduce the sound and vibration transmission. The tiny cells composition in it absorbs vibrations and direct impacts. This makes Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring as a valued option to use in libraries, recording studios and any other place which require need minimal sound.
  • Heat Resistance. Cork Flooring is also resistant to extreme heat and do not release any toxic gases on fire. It makes it a natural fire inhibitor.
  • Insect And Allergy Resistance. Due to the presence of a waxy substance in its composition, naturally this flooring is safe from insects and mold.
  • Lumber Liquidators works like a natural thermal insulator that prevents heat loss in rooms. Besides, it helps maintaining comfortable environment.
  • It is compressible and very elastic so that it can maintain its shape when pressure is applied.
  • Lumber Liquidator Flooring provides not only practical function as a flooring material but also provides an aesthetic value. It offers a very attractive look, especially if it is maintained.
  • This Flooring has been well known in the flooring world as an excellent comfort element that makes your home or office provide a cushioned feeling under the feet.
  • Lumber Liquidators offers a wide range of enormous colors from nut brown to golden yellow and unique surface patterns look are offered by Lumber Liquidators Cork Flooring that will suit every décor style.
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