Cooking With Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove? Why Not?

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove is a remanufactured all cast iron wood stove which attracts much interest to antique fanciers nowadays. If you love the warmth and the charm of a legendary, old-style, practical wood stove, the Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove is your best choice.

kitchen queen wood cook stove

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Features

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove is constructed of solid cast iron with a black finish and Queen Victoria nickel plated silhouettes. It has a large and deep wood fire box that provides sufficient heat for both top cooking and oven heating. For additional surface cooking, it also provides elevated oven and two removable round covers.   The large oven of Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove has swing doors at each end. The fireside draft-slide and door offers a various draft amount for occasional pot of tea or oven cooking. In order to allow covers removal, there are two nickel plated pot warmers available. The 10 inches of cover above the firebox pot allows you to put larger pieces of wood on top of the fire. Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove also provides a strong cast iron rack under the stove for drying area and storage area.

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What Makes The Usage Of Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove Unique?

Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove uses wood heat – which is the best alternative energy source. Probably you would assume that wood cooking is outdated and old fashioned as you remember that your grandmother used it back in the day. Think again!  You will need to spend over $2,200 a year merely to heat your house – not to mention additional cost to cooking the food and heating up the water. For the same amount of money, you actually can almost purchase an alternative heat source, cooking source and water source. Therefore, switching to a simpler, cheaper energy source, you may be interested to use Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove and using wood heating for everyday use.

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How beneficial is Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove for your home? Nowadays, more and more people understand and are aware of the benefits of solar energy and bio-fuel.  Most of them, particularly those who live off the land, pursue building a house that is totally disconnected from electricity and powered their house from wind, sun and wood sources. They usually have Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove to heat their home as well. It can be also used to heat water that is plumbed into domestic hot water system. You also can plumb this into radiant heating and makes it another alternative to heat your home.

However, Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove do not only offer domestic hot water source; it also offers an optional stainless reservoir that is placed on the stove rear. Using a stainless water coil, the stainless reservoir can be plumbed through firebox. However, if the tank system is not pressurized, you cannot plumb it through domestic hot water and therefore you need to install a water spigot on the reservoir side for an easy access to the water. A Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove will meet your domestic needs requirements and gives your home a cozy warm to the bone feeling while you make your family’s favorite apple pie. Talking about Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove is like talking about killing two birds with one stone!

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