Hardwood Floor Sander Rental Cost

How much does hardwood Floor Sander Rental Cost? If you are planning to refinish a hardwood floor, you need to consider it as an important recycling project since hardwood is a durable material that can be refurbished to its natural great looks for years of routine maintenance. Even after many years of use, a mistreated and abandoned solid hardwood floor can be refurbished with marvelous results.

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To perform this project, you can either use a floor refinisher that averagely will cost $600 to sand and refinish about 300 square feet of floor. If you are planning to do it yourself, you may be able to save about 60% of total cost but you may need to rent a floor sander. The Floor Sander Rental Cost averaged about $40-$45 a day and you may need to rent a drum sander for $53 a day and probably an edger for $30 a day. Another alternative is renting a floor sander and edger, polyurethane finish, sandpaper and a paint brush or roller for about $75 a day.

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Floor Sander Rental Cost; DIY Or Professional Floor Sanding?

DIY hardwood floor finish may save a lot of money. However, it is strongly advised to hire a professional floor sanding contractor to do the job because what you save trying to DIY could easily be overshadowed by the damage you may cause. Most people who have sanded their own floors will never do it again because most of the time they have used too much rental time and sandpaper with ugly floors as a final result – which, in some cases, will lower the property value. At the end of the day, a DIY floor sanding do not save much money; when they reduce the replacement hardwood floors price, it is asking price for the property.

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Although Floor Sander Rental Cost is more economical than hiring a professional floor sanding service, keep in mind that a pro knows how to operate the floor sander without scratching the floorboards, while you may let the floorboards gauge and cause damage that can worth hundreds of dollars. In spite of that, there is a lot of preliminary work required to keep a DIY engaged in the job such as empty the room, removing the furniture, covering the window, carpeting and wall decorations. A professional floor sanding contractor will seal off the room using plastic sheeting that is taped to the doorway. Therefore, don’t be lured by the savings of Floor Sander Rental Cost; hire a professional is the best advice to follow.

Floor Sander Rental Cost; How Many Hardwood Floor Sanders To Rent?

There are different types of floor sanders you may have to rent when you are refurbishing hardwood floors. Renting only one sander will not do the job; you will need a drum sander that is used to sand the hardwood floor bulk, a hand guided sander that is used to sand the hardwood floor outer edges and an orbital sander that is used to smooth out the flaws from previous step. You also need to rent other equipments such as noise cancelling, kneepads, dust masks, sandpapers and many more – which makes Floor Sander Rental Cost higher.

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